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Quantum features of biology have been discovered. It relates to the temporal features of the atomic clocks operating in the unconscious mind. This science is too advanced for most people to comprehend if they have been taught about the materialistic point of view created by measurements (scientific process). This science model offers us a view into the universe through the ideas of materialism. This is not what I am teaching.

What I am teaching is a way to unite two great teaches Einstein and Jesus Christ. The unification of E = mc^2 with Begotten not made. A strange combo I know, but one where both come together through the cross via the element hydrogen (the first element on the periodic table). Healing ourselves through unification of our cosmic origin. 

The models are both spiritual and scientific. By providing this new contextual framework we can see a brighter future for humanity. I made a truly remarkable discovery back in 2013. That changed the world as we know it. The implications and karmic repercussions are going to be felt for a very long time. This is our awakening to our origin and remembering how our biology operates through proton tunnelling and the generation of unstable atoms connected to neurotransmitter function.

We are truly atomic starlight beings demonstrated through scientific investigation of the deepest science (isotope physics processes), which equate to the operating processes of the universe and how the universe creates itself.