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The healing power of Manuka honey comes in three colours. People ask me why? Understanding that the colours of the rainbow contain different wavelengths of light, each wavelength has a different frequency or energy level based on distance and timing. The physics of light (electron / positron pair) (-/+) and the inverted symmetry of opposites to create zero-point light field of no mass and no charge that is timeless.

The distance between the positron and electron pair gives the wavelength distance of light, where halfway between the two positions is a zero point. Photons of light are also known as electromagnetism (E/M), which have no mass and no charge. This geometric inverted symmetry of opposites (SUSY inversion model), where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, provides the understanding how different bottle colours affect the rate of reaction via photo-reduction (light electron capture) of the monoatomic minerals present in the product. So each colour of the bottle will impact on the physics within the monoatomic system and change the distance between the electron and positron pairs within the atoms (monoatomic) giving them different geometries and energies, and if there is sufficient energy in the light inside the bottle to perform photo-reduction of the minerals coordinated to the ring structures of the anti-oxidants bound to royal jelly proteins then there is magic in the bottle.

The rainbow of light inside of your atoms corresponds to Fraunhofer lines (electron / positron transitions) from one orbital layer to another, which provides an understanding how the body uses light to transfer energy from one place to another through atoms and their isotopes. If you consider the wavelength  of one atom in the periodic table being different to another atom then each atom has its own radio station or channel of energy for communication by which they can operate and signal one another.  This is the flow of energy within the body. Therefore, our bodies use the light codes as a way to transfer energy from one place to another or transfer information from one place to another. Because each channel is somewhat different with respect to wavelength it is tuned too, a specific frequency or signal due to the electron configurations allowing correct energy transfer over distance without having to physically migrate from one point to another, which is slow in biology because cells are packed full of biological molecules. Biology has learned a few quantum tricks over the years and takes advantage of those processes at the atomic level within single atoms to create the flow of energy within your body and in the products that I make do the same quantum tricks to put light healing energy into your body. A light medicine in a bottle.

a billion little beauties

Try them and get to know how the physics of your body works by studying quantum biology. Quite spectacular features are due to a greater understanding how to work with the universe within yourself, rather than against it. Enjoy, you deserve it!

To bee come enlightened is to understand the role and function of light within yourself. It is your body, mind and Soul. Your Spirit to do as you wish. You have free will afterall.  in light in yourself with OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. Buzz Light Yeah and Twinkle Twinkle are new products that are being developed and will be added to this collection soon. Keep and eye out, or should I say turn your attention to the peace and quiet that light gives within.

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