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OH BEE HAVE - vitality + well-being
OH BEE HAVE - vitality + well-being
OH BEE HAVE - vitality + well-being

OH BEE HAVE - vitality + well-being

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How to use Spray on your skin, 10 sprays per day anywhere on your arms, legs, body, as and when needed. Massage in, it absorbs rapidly into the skin. 

Benefit from the nootropic properties of Manuka honey in a topical spray. It's a brain health supplement that supports the subconscious mind physics and improves learning and memory. A brain health super-food. The topical application is a real game-changer as the skin comes from the same cells in the fetus as the neurons in your brain. The brain of the cell is the membrane, and the membrane of your entire body is the skin. So by applying OH BEE HAVE empowering healing to your skin, produces enhanced mental well-being and vitality. It may be difficult to think that a topical spray made from royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey can help your mind! If you consider what food is and how your body uses food to create cells, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates through chemical synthesis it is pretty magical. ATP generation in mitochondria is a form of chemical energy in the cell that biochemistry considers useful. Physics has its own energy source from radioactive decay processes that produce more energy in the form of light than there is energy in ATP. So your biology can generate energy from many different sources. Do you think after 13.8 billion years (the age of the universe) that biology has not worked out how to obtain energy from physics within your body? Something for you to ponder. Radicals provide chemical energy to perform reactions without the need for ATP energy. You could say radicals are part biology, part chemistry, and part physics. They are also a source of energy that biology uses and we have evolved in conjunction with radicals as you explore the functional roles of radicals in biochemical pathways you can see how biology has evolved and adapted to use radical chemistry for a wide range of biological functions. I will share the functional roles radicals play and how they are important in maintaining biological health and well-being in our body. This benefit is what I have exploited in OH BEE HAVE empowering healing in order to give you additional energy and increased vitality.

Benefits The increased energy released within your body from using OH BEE HAVE come from the generation of short-lived high-energy electrons and breaking bonds that release light within. The bio-photons released in your body are shown in the video below. This is part of the body's natural regeneration system that converts a cell back into CO2 and water. Biological recycling of old damaged cells, the recovery of energy, and production of regenerative precursors to grow new cells.

Independent analysis Batch QT 20.20.25

Ingredients Isolated Manuka honey active ingredient. 1 billion colloidal particles per ml. Containing major royal jelly proteins, manuka anti-oxidants, minerals, and other small molecules. 

Art of complexity No artificial ingredients. Pure and simple as nature intended. Particles are gently recovered to retain their biological complexity and their unique functionality. 

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Roger M.
New Zealand
Vitality spray the real maccoy

As a connoisseur and affectiano of the magic pill mindset I have to say this vitality spray definitely has a positive impact and I will purchase more I am energy sensitive and I can feel the vibes Roger Mingers

Dyan W.
New Zealand New Zealand
Vitality and wellbeing

Hi I found it was hard to push the top down to spray maybe larger size might not have that problem Otherwise I don’t think I had bought the right size to trial fir the benefits of product