Collection: Empower

The energy within your body and mind can now enhanced using the regenerative light healing technologies from Quantum Technologies Limited.  I have spent 32 years of my life researching and developing regenerative healing technologies for a range of New Zealand companies. When I experienced a vision at church that healed me from trauma I experienced when I was 11, seeing into the Lyman lines and witnessing a golden sphere of light as the atom underwent an alpha particle decay. That memory was 30 years in the making and its release was an amazing experience, an NDE, an atomic decay and spiritual awakening. To empower the natural process of awakening a breaking free of the illusion of the 3D world to understand the dimensions of light within and how they are created. These are the natural tools I used and developed as part of that process of healing trauma. I now put these tools into your hands so you can support your healing journey back to the light.