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  • oh bee have - r&r rest & regeneration 50ml
  • oh bee have - r&r rest & regeneration 100ml
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OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

OH BEE HAVE - R&R Rest & Regeneration

HOW TO USE: Shake the bottle gently and then remove cap and spray topically on the skin or insert the nozzle up the nostril and spray. Massage in if appropriate. Let the royal jelly proteins do their magic. Use as and when needed. It gives relief for several hours at a time. Repeat when needed.

WHAT's in the bottle: Royal jelly proteins are isolated using a patent protected process to produce a natural spray containing greater than 1 billion proteins / mL. The recovered proteins are small (10 nm in size), the size of antibodies shown below. That's 10 times smaller than a virus. High purity water is the other ingredient.

The dose delivered is approximately 1 mL every 6 sprays. 50mL 1 month & 100mL 3 months supply

Independent scientific analysis with over 1 billion proteins /mL (proposed INCI name: MEL-RJPI). Proteins may occur in the nm range

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stress relief rest & regeneration

Good for stress relief


The low oxygen tension in the body at night during sleep triggers stem cell release and as stem cells do not require oxygen for metabolic processes because they do not have functioning mitochondria, the biochemistry at night is atomic in nature and not ATP dependent. Regeneration happens at night when you are sleeping now you can support your regeneration during the daytime with some R&R.