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Hacking the subconscious mind and resolving trauma

Memory, misty water colour memory. Great song lyrics. The use of infrared light to improve memory is happening and shown to improve memory function. But why and how? Scientists are testing this approach to see if it improves dementia. If you look at the image above and see the hydrogens going into the circles in the middle of the hexagon ring (aromatic ring), then you can get the picture of how infrared light can go into an atom at the centre of the ring. The science of atomic orbitals based on hydrogen's 7 layers are well understood. The third layer of the hydrogen atom is called the Paschen line electron transition. Christ's Passion Story is a metaphorical teaching of the Paschen Story in terms of the sacrifice that hydrogen makes by going into the aromatic ring. It grows unstable atoms within the aromatic ring (isotopes) and this is part of our memory formation and memory recall system. The timings are perfect. A set of parameters instructed through atomic instability leading to the second coming and the hydrogen coming back out of the aromatic ring. This leads to the atom in the ring becoming stable and it also leads to information that was stored as light within the ring being released so that you can remember the past experience you had. 

This is how your biology of memory works. It is regulated and controlled by hydrogen and proton tunnelling. 

The process in biology, within your mind, and quantum tunnelling is however, not well understood. Having developed a scientific framework based on Einstein's mass equivalent equation (E = mc^2) and rearranged that into c^2 = E/M (electric field / magnetic field and / right angle), at the point of the singularity (centre of the cross) and using logic rather than measurement. I have applied that thinking to S orbital (sphere) like a bubble, layers in the hydrogen atom. The geometry of the cross in atoms themselves (positrons and electrons in orbital layers of atoms), when they are not disturbed through interaction (measurement) there is a beautifully elegant geometry that provides context for quantum tunnelling and that is the cross.

The cross at an atomic resolution of the Planck length gives a new model to explore atomic theory. This is not a typical approach used by scientists who have to measure things to prove things. I consider measurement a form of judgement and I do not have the right to judge another. That is God's responsibility. By looking at things differently we can see something different. Einstein said if you keep doing things the same way and expect a different outcome that is the definition of insanity. However, if you look at things using a logical model (Baryonic symmetry) then you need to understand why we see a universe that has more matter than antimatter (cosmological asymmetry). I do consider this in my model and have developed a robust answer to that issue. 

The symmetry of opposites (SUSY inversion model) and the revision of quark charge calculations (see quarks) and the positron electron pairing of photons provides the context of light travelling (no mass and no charge) into the aromatic ring from the NH3+ amine (proton = H). The atomic tunnelling of hydrogen from the atomic cross NH3+. The model links Christ's Passion with our neurotransmitters like dopamine and the formation of the memory as light captured in the aromatic ring (Pi lot electron system). This theoretical model is observable in biology as our memories arise when atomic half-lives produce the light in the mind of the past memory. The unstable atom made from hydrogen within the aromatic ring (isotope) is released to give us our energy for healing and regeneration. The energy we see as light in dreams (hadron jets). The reoccurring memory based on the frequency of the atomic lifetime (Frequency based on Hertz, a cycle per second).  We are beings made from the very fabric of nature (universe) and the physics of atoms provides context for how our subconscious mind operates using light through isotope decay systems.

When we have the power in us to create atoms through this process. We convert the light we see into atomic structure of isotopes within the aromatic ring of neurotransmitters. Hydrogen is the substrate. It is the very fabric of our reality mediated through the hydrogen atom lens. The light present in hydrogen within water (H3O+ and OH-), created from the food we eat (sugar, amino acids, lipids etc converted into hydrogen and then water). The mitochondrial generation of ATP requires control of electrons and generation of a proton gradient. The ATPase production of ATP and water. Our biology is hydrogen based, not carbon based. It is built from the ground up and from blocks of 4, 2 by 2. This is Noah's ark. The flood being created by water in the womb. Conversion of water into physical form through the Paschen line infrared system.

Biology uses hydrogen in a special role in the creation of unstable atoms within the aromatic ring system. In doing so, we have discovered the very essence of time in our living being associated with atomic clock theory (isotope physics half-life).

What this means is that our biology is not based on stable atoms. The nuts-and-bolts side of things (DNA, RNA and protein, and all the biochemistry) is a functional output from the unstable atom system operating behind the scenes. 

We have discovered the script writer. Our access to divinity via Christ's Passion connected to proton tunnelling into the aromatic ring and the biology of isotopes and their decay and energy release used for healing and regeneration. 

This offers a mechanism behind the placebo effect. You can think yourself well. It is this process associated with thought, the physics of proton tunnelling that gives you the energy of healing within your body.
The biology of life within you and me is magic. Enjoy the magic and learn how to make magic happen in your life. Be the creator and create a universe you want to live in. Providing you with the tools to make magic happen is what excites me. Trying my products for yourself should excite you.