Collection: Wellness

Keep well this winter with OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. Stop the Winter blues and restore your mental wellness with the power of OH BEE HAVE's nootropic properties.

The anti-viral properties of Manuka honey are well known. Take advantage of a inhalable formulation of Manuka honey (without the sugar), to keep your congestion at bay. The natural Manuka honey nasal cleanse that keeps you clear. Inhale / exhale. Prana is important for your health. 

The antibacterial and antiviral properties of Manuka honey are well known but the mechanism is no understood. I discovered the mechanism but no one wanted to listen to me because what I discovered was the magic was due to the most potent oxidative radical known to exist. That is right the hydroxyl radical and photo-Fenton chemistry and the way Manuka honey works is at 1 billionth of a second and releasing so much energy that it turns all biology back into CO2 and water. This removes all the damaged cells from a wound and allows regeneration to occur without the formation of a scar.

I figured out the way to recover the active ingredient from Manuka honey and put it into a topical spray. Consider the advise in the Bible of mana from heaven. Consider the idea that the Holy Spirit comes as softly as the dew falls. I have dug into the Bible to discover the hidden gems that are scientifically valid that allows one to keep themselves safe during this time of revelation. Having everything revealed so that I can share these gifts with you is critical to moving humanity forward into a positive future where people are empowered.