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OH BEE HAVE - headaches + muscle aches + joint pains
OH BEE HAVE - headaches + muscle aches + joint pains
OH BEE HAVE - headaches + muscle aches + joint pains

OH BEE HAVE - headaches + muscle aches + joint pains

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How to use Spray on your skin, wherever there is pain. 10 sprays per day as and when needed. Massage in, to obtain rapid relief. 

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Both my husband and I have had trouble with back and joint pain for years and have been to chiropractors and doctors and tried all sorts of balms but nothing has ever eased the pain as fast or as long-lasting as the oh bee have spray. Thank you so much. I believe in this product and will be sharing it with everyone I know. Kind regards Heather Cork 

This from our friend Heidi " I am pretty impressed with the spray - amazing on my neck and head - seems to draw the pain away.

My mom ordered your spray as it helped with a ruptured vein on her finger. She gets them occasionally from knitting a lot. They can be quite painful and usually take a week or so to heal. With your spray it had cleared up completely the very next day!!! She says: "it’s normally a painful healing. This time, it just disappeared." 

The secret to the magic is the process is natural and it occurs in apoptosis. 50 to 70 billion cells die every day and you don't even know that it is happening. The hydroxyl radical oxidizes thiols and turns off pain signaling so you can heal without experiencing pain. Funny how the physics in your body performs magic.

Independent analysis Batch QT 20.20.25

Ingredients Isolated Manuka honey active ingredient. 1 billion colloidal particles per ml. Containing major royal jelly proteins, manuka anti-oxidants, minerals, and other small molecules. 

Art of complexity No artificial ingredients. Pure and simple as nature intended. Particles are gently recovered to retain their biological complexity and their unique functionality. 

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Jay T.

Ni still waiting on the product hopefully I'll have GD news next week,lm sceptic but will have to see