Christ's consciousness

Cross based inverted symmetry

In my mind,
In my heart,
In my Soul,
I am unified in Christ's Love
Let me be your hands Lord and do your good work in this world,
Let me be your feet and walk in your foot steps.


What does this mean for me personally? It means trying to be the best person I can be. The experience I had was to connect the science of the past with the science of the future and bring them together in unity as one. 

Quantum tunneling

Science has not solved the riddle of quantum tunnelling but the dogma in the Bible already outlines the context for quantum tunnelling in a way that is not obvious to scientists. We already know light has no mass and no charges so can travel in a way that is timeless in a sense if it travels at the speed of light. When the light of Christ is received, the Holy Spirit comes as gentle as the dewfall, the Passion of Christ and the context to the Paschen lines in the hydrogen atom orbital geometry. The mash up of scientific understanding and religious dogma may be hard for scientist to swallow when they want measurable outcomes from such difficult to define paradoxes but the world is stranger than the strangest fiction. The role of hydrogen in biology has been overlooked from its quantum tunnelling standpoint. Take the concepts of Christ on the cross. The 3 N 1. N+ H3 and Paschen lines (red) n=3 orbital layer and the Passion of Christ falling 3 times. I personally see an atomic story in Christ on the Cross. I do believe in the risen Lord. I also believe to follow Christ you must understand the role hydrogen plays in your body in quantum tunnelling and how to turn this back on to give yourself ever lasting life! The keys to immortality reside in Christ on the cross and the Holy Spirit and the resurrection of the dead.

Einstein on the cross

Let there be light and there was. A great quote from the Bible. Finding God back in 2013, when I first experienced time-travel, witnessed 2055, the Golden sphere of light within myself after changing the quark mathematics and identification of the collapsed wave-function at the point of the singularity within my life (mid point), my life changed. Like an near death experience (NDE), I witnessed my future as an inner reflection of my past from this centre point. Too strange for everyone around me as I tried to explain the experience of spiritual revelation at church back in 2013 when I was nearly 42. Know thy self. Know thy enemy. The enemy lies inside us. As it is the lies we tell ourselves. Being honest is hard when you do not understand the truth. You must go and find yours and explain that to yourself first.

I connected Einstein's geometry with the conceptual framework of the singularity in the black hole or in the connection of the measurement that is made within myself. The point of my own self judgment. Being put to the test. Standing before the risen Lord and experiencing the gift of Love and Healing. The pain I was carrying within myself was from my mother's suicide when I was 11. 30 years of carrying that pain, I got the break-through in revelations in connection of Christ on the cross and unity with oneness in that connection. When you experience your own unity consciousness with Christ, then your mind, body and Soul connect and reunite together as one. Your path into the future is shown to yourself based on where you are at in your life and the experience gives you the sign posts to know you are heading in the right direction. 

Quantum tunneling

The experience of a stream of static images is the reversal of memory, like a dream but its comes from the radioactive decay of atoms releasing light within the mind. This is the so called mania, however, the healing that this process provides is needed in society today as we no longer see or hear beyond the limits of knowledge. To witness such an experience within myself means I was no longer able to agree with the current models used in biology, chemistry and physics and I had to develop a new one that provides at its very centre God. Being a scientist in the secular society of today and talking openly about God places me in a minority group of fringe scientists. 

I believe my scientific approach deserves consideration as the role of hydrogen in quantum tunnelling has not been solved, nor has memory, or consciousness. So many unanswered questions in science and my model answers all of these. Having experienced the healing I have and developed a new scientific model based on that, which includes the development of a model for the universe starting from God the Father, as He, a Bose Einstein Condensate of helium, He 4/2 and a change in the quark calculations to focus on the singularity and how that applies to our own anatomy of neurotransmitters, the hexagon ring coordination complexes with minerals and the role of quantum tunnelling of hydrogen on the amine, NH3+, the risen Lord, Passion of Christ, providing the geometry of the hydrogen's being added as photons, no mass and no charge, to quantum tunnel into the atoms coordinated in the aromatic ring pi electron coordination complexes. Biology's secrets, memory formation was revealed to me in that experience I had back in 2013. Takes a while to come down off that high horse and build a scientific understanding into that experience.

Passion of Christ

You can see the Paschen line series here in the above image. N=3. Falling three times into the singularity, the pin hole camera at the centre of the nucleus of the atomic system housed in the garden of E den. The story of the garden of Eden is where the house that was once intact, the home of Adam and Eve was destroyed by tasting the fruit of knowledge. The radical breakdown of the aromatic ring as shown in the image below.

Radical destruction of the tree of knowledge Provides the process in which the monoatomic iron breaks the ring by hydroxylation releasing the atom into the environment. Depending on the isotope of the atom, a different tune, structure, energy will be released. The formation of precursors for neurological growth (MGO and DHA) are converted into lactate by the glyoxylase biochemical pathway (present in manuka honey) to generate lactate a food for neurons. The origin of the hydrogen comes from your food you eat. The biochemistry of glycolysis, Krebs cycle and electron transport chain. The generation of ATP results in the production of water. H3O+ and OH- are pH regulators. 

The amine in Dopamine goes from NH2 to NH3+ and the hydrogen is originating from water produced by the ATPase in the mitochondria. The food becomes the light the mind consumes in the subconscious mind physics of quantum tunnelling. The food we eat is imprinted by the environment that it is grown in. If all the hydrogen atoms within our biology are from the food we consume and the water we drink they come from all over the world. However, it appears that the role of quantum entanglement ties the light together into physical form. This process occurs through quantum tunnelling produced in the ring structures in the monoatomic systems within our bodies and this provides a context for connections within ourselves to tune our being into physical form, a form of quantum entangled light. I know this context is hard to consider, however, I would have you to ponder the following statement in the Bible. 

"We are salt and light" Salt = minerals and light = H and quantum tunnelling of no mass and no charge in the formation of memory both short term (water based) and long term (structural neuron formation).

As I have shown above light is observed in quantum tunnelling of hydrogen to provide the food for the subconscious mind physics within the generation of short term memory, water is key, this model of NH3+ where H comes from water originating from food as a function of ATPase, then short term and long term memories are directly linked as the atomic deconstruction and transformation of the ring once iron is formed provides a role to provide the key precursors of neuron formation during the formation of long term memory.

If you consider the scientific implications of Christ at an atomic level and God as the entire universe then the Holy Spirit is seen as the three in one. H = Christ, O = the Father (He 4/2) as the original Sphere where r = c and the electrons are 0.00004 nm leading to alpha particle emission having KJ/mol binding kinetics = 10 x c corresponding to inflation. See my SUSY inverse - unified field model if you want to consider the context of understanding the sphere of light where all electrons are at the ground state in the unified field and the origin of the universe, whilst it was a single entity, without contrast and all electrons were at the ground state. The electron in context with OH* providing the energy of 1200 eV in 1 nanosecond and what is responsible for the regenerative capability of Manuka honey to turn cells back into CO2 and water. Removing all damage from the cell by getting rid of the cell altogether and starting again.

Having drawn the short straw and experienced my own future and experienced the healing of bringing together both Einstein and Christ on the cross both mathematical and spiritual within the cross over point within the mind at an atomic scale of the Planck length, where there is no mass, no charge, no space and no time. A point of unity, at  the very centre of my life when I got to have th NDE and see the golden sphere of light within me. The science of Lyman lines and vision of the future through atomic decay of alpha particles and time reversal symmetry. It reveals all. I merely wanted to share the good news. The science has now been realigned to a spiritual model of the light within us. So now there are two models available. 1) external physical reality based on measurement which clearly shows 5% of the universe and ignores the rest (95% of dark matter and dark energy), and 2) the new spiritual scientific model based on logic that identifies 100% of the universe. Identifying dark matter, dark energy and the transformation of the universe from light into physical form through the power of geometry of the cross and quantum tunnelling and entanglement. 

You get to choose which model you want to move forward with. Enslavement or liberation and empowerment.