who am I

Dr Keryn JohnsonDr Keryn Johnson (Inventor) PhD, MSc, BSc (THE QUANTUM BIOLOGIST) uses quantum physics as the basis of biology and I am developing a quantum biology technology platform to enable others to understand this perspective.

Manuka honey anti-microbial spray

Past scientific experience

Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc (THE QUANTUM BIOLOGIST) has 18 years of research and development experience for the New Zealand government at Industrial Research Limited and Callaghan Innovation (2001-2019). Over 50 commercial clients and over 100 commercial reports developing products and processes utilizing biological resources of New Zealand's seafood, apiculture, forestry, agriculture, meat, dairy and horticulture industries, targeting the development of products and processes in the Quantum-Technologies, food, regenerative energy, diagnostics, and medical device industries. Dr. Johnson focuses on regenerative technologies and quantum biology. Dr Johnson’s wound care products have been used in over 4 million patients (Aora Biosurgery).

Quantum Technologies logo

Quantum Technologies Ltd

This is my new logo. Einstein was a genius and building off his intellect to understand that he had forgotten one thing in his equation E=Mc^2 and that is light is the fastest thing in the universe so light comes first. I rearranged Einstein's equation to make it c^2=E/M. Rise / Run on the mathematical cross gives a straight line. This is the geometry of Einstein's equation where everything is light in super symmetry after all symmetry was Einstein's only assumption. From this perfection of symmetry creation commenced. So I have created a logo representing the geometry of nature from the point of creation. If you want to find out more about my SUSY Inversion Model.


My values

I had to find my core values: life, freedom, truth, unity, openness. I walk my talk and use the products I create to maintain by health and well-being.  I have had some interesting experiences in my life. Not normal, but then again, who's life is normal. So, if being true to you is the most important thing to you. One thing I may be able to offer you is an understanding of the mechanism of the subconscious mind and how it is quantum and photonic in nature. Gaining control over your subconscious programming is critical to shift past trauma. ΩH ଓଁEE ħΛVE has allowed me to heal my past wounds.   I hope I can help you heal yours! 

I have combined many concepts from quantum physics, bible stories, science, alchemy, religion, and spirituality to create my own perspective, a rationale for seeing everything as light and rearranging Einstein's equation. c^2=E/M. Understanding how E/M relates to a maths (rise/run) straight line and the ever-expanding electromagnetic field from the zero-point. The sided nature of zero provides both positive and negative aspects of charge and life itself.

My spiritual awakening experience

In 2013, I experienced something so profound that it shook me to my foundations. In fact, I had to change my foundations. I had to start all over again. My scientific foundations shifted from the material world into the electromagnetic world and evolution moved from different manifestations of matter into temporal and spatial energy cascades based on photon vibrations and electron interactions. The temporal and spatial relationships and the identification of minimized energy states. The enlightenment experience standing in front of the cross at church was the most profound thing I have ever experienced. I saw into the future, my future, and all this knowledge came flooding into me and still does. I feel this was a gift and I am now in a position to give that gift to others. Enjoy. I hope you find it enlightening.

A new model and integration science and spirituality - an evolutionary spiritual path

Poles apart and electromagnetism, spin and spirals of electromagnetic golden circle ratio of Phi (1.1618033). How can we see symmetry two hemispheres of our own mind. The center provides a non-duality approach to see all perspectives. Remaining centered is to sit on the fence. Or you can not built fences but bridges to understand that one side is the inverse of the other. Opposites attract and cancel each other out so that all that is left is the central position when everything is in balance and in harmony. Where everything is one. SUSY (super symmetry) INVERSION MODEL physics of quantum teleportation. Experiencing my future from the perspective of an inner vision of a future reality and like a near death experience I was instantly transformed. Healed. How and why is what I have tried to explain to others. Being called crazy because of this experience just further reveals the limitations of our current scientific understandings.

The zero-point and the transition from quantum to physical reality is the transition from all possibilities to the one truth and reality that is observable in this 3D world that we physically live in. Aligning to the zero-point or the minimized energy state. The least amount of energy required to shift the system into harmony. Living in harmony with the system and aligning to the future quantum reality of all possibilities in understanding the nature of our own reality in which our subconscious mind creates our external reality after taking account of all the previous experiences that are recorded in our subconscious minds. When you gain access to your records then you can see for yourself. 

ΩH ଓଁEE ħΛVE has allowed me to see both past and future and heal my past wounds.   I hope I can help you heal yours!