Festivals in New Zealand

Earth Beat festival OH BEE HAVE empowering healing
I have started to attend a few festivals in New Zealand to share my quantum biology knowledge, my SUSY inversion model, and my own personal spiritual experience and journey in my life. From a new scientific perspective of a unified field theory where a model can be based on logic and not on measurement. Based on the idea that light has no mass and no charge and time can be negated at the Planck Epoch. Bringing all these facets together in a SUSY inversion model to enable a simple to understand way to see how the universe works at the speed of light.

I had to come up with this model to explain my own personal experience of the universe. I also needed to learn how light interacts with the product that I make to produce the hydroxyl radical. A natural death and regeneration system based on apoptosis in our bodies allows biological structures to be turned back into CO2 and water. A biological recycling system.

OH BEE HAVE empowering healing
The regenerative healing benefits are amazing and it all comes down to the way light interacts with these proteins that the bees make. I have captured that vitality through gentle processing methods to allow the photo-Fenton chemistry to remain active. This vital energy is a transformational process. Faster than the blink of a human eye, the life time of a hydroxyl radical is measured in nanoseconds. So it cannot travel very far. The proteins (royal jelly) in the Manuka honey contain phenolics (antioxidants) but inside the ring structure a single atom of a mineral is housed. The is the home of the monoatomic system. Mono meaning single. Atomic meaning atom. A single atom of iron. The light absorbed by the ring gets used to reduce the iron from Fe3+ to Fe2+ allowing iron to become reactive towards hydrogen peroxide. This light based system generating the hydroxyl radical. 

OH BEE HAVE empowering healing
This is truly a gift from nature. The powerful healing potential of Manuka honey has indeed been unlocked and nature's gifts unveiled for all to see. If you want to experience the remarkable healing potential of Manuka honey in a topical spray without the sugar then come along to NZ Spirit and check out Quantum Technologies (OH BEE HAVE empowering healing) stall in the market.