Food for thought

Quantum Technologies Ltd has created a revolution of sorts. Food for thought! Thinking, requires lots of energy. The brain many not be considered the biggest organ of our bodies with respect to size, however, it does chew through a lot of energy when thinking. Do you think so? Our minds are our most precious possessions. Loosing one's mind through disease is not good for yourself and not good for those around you. 

I have come up with food for the mind. It is topical and produces 100 times the amount of energy from one molecule of glucose compared to regular biochemistry. What! Regenerative mind food for those who need more mental energy. Get smart! Agent 99. Loved that program and now I can make people smart by producing 100 times the amount of energy from 1 molecule of glucose. How? Well our bodies are smarter than the scientists who are trying to biohack them. The most powerful part of my body is in fact 0.1 nm in length. It is able to jump small spaces in a quantum bound and leap over quantum barriers. Our friendly, toxin remover, mopped up of misfolded proteins and got rid of dying old cells. The ultimate recycling agent in our bodies. Drum roll please....... the award goes to?
A silent pause as I open the envelope. 
The hydroxyl radical. Yeah that's right. The most powerful oxidant in our universe is our friend and not the bad boy it was expected of being. 13.8 billion years to wait and find out science over the past 400 odd years has made it's fair share of balls ups but I think this one wins the Darwin awards. Thinking that antioxidants were going to improve health when our bodies need radicals to break cells down into CO2 and water to do the natural cellular death and regeneration system called apoptosis. 
EM-Foods is my latest branded offering. A Food. That is topical. Skin being the brain of the body. Cell mem-brain being the outside surface area of the cell, that is the brain of the cell. It receives signals from outside the cell and it responds to these. Our bodies no longer receive the signals they used to get because we live in a society where in door creature comfort is valued and we plug ourselves into the www. Connected and disconnected at the same time. Funny how every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Put in antioxidants and get out disease. Put in radicals and get vital energy and regeneration through supporting cellular death.

The physics in the body is 180 degree opposite to biology. The biology of antioxidants support cell survival and the accumulation of damage but the cell keeps holding on. It keeps alive at all costs. It will be immortal at all costs. The cost to the rest of the body is death. So if this is the doorway you wish to travel down by all means I wish you well on your journey.
I, on the other hand have found a key to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through Christ on the Cross. However, the science of Christ on the cross is somewhat controversial. All, I can say is. It is hydrogen, the amine of NH3+ and the Paschen lines, where Christ falls three times )Passion of Christ) into the monoatomic mineral that is coordinated to the aromatic ring of your neurotransmitters. Turning on the memory using Photo-Fenton chemistry and the generation of hydroxyl radicals is somewhat considered by science at present, crazy. But as Einstein said "If you keep doing the same thing and expect a different answer then that is the definition of lunacy. Or Luna (moon) c! The play on words is a fun game. You do your homework and c for yourself. Look into who I am and what I am about. Been doing regenerative medicine since 2001. Helped over 4 million people by developing an extracellular matrix from sheep stomach that is FDA approved. We need to get smart and quickly because the current model in science is incorrect. If you only know 5% of the universe and you say it is physical. Sorry, this is far fetched. If you say that we originated from a Big Bang. I ask you who what there to hear it. Sounds needs to travel through a medium. Are you suggesting the Bang was heard by God? Well my scientific explanation of God is falling on deaf ears at present and I am the one who is mentally unwell. Why? Biopolar? Two poles on earth, North and South. Two sides of the brain, left and right hemisphere. I no longer take sides. I reside at the center of my life after experiencing the ability to c into the future and predict the ending of evil ways. 
666 is the number of the beast. But it refers to 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. The model of carbon and as a scientist we are taught that we are carbon based life forms. Both, the model of 666 is incorrect as the positrons are missing. You could say it is 6666. 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, 6 positrons. So see it for what it is. A model created by measurement to attempt to understand the universe. Science is limited by it's own belief systems. Take what you like but do not take advantage of others. 

The model of SUSY inversion provides an answer that is the alignment of science and spirituality by returning symmetry into the model, which has been lost due to measurement. What relevance does a model created by an atom smasher have in relation to human experience I ask thee? I say very little. Seeing we can use our minds to understand the universe without the need of speeding billions on big boy toys used in science. I guess the game is up now I have created a unified field theory. One can only hope that you can see the wisdom in my approach and understand the reason why changing quark mathematics was necessary because there can only be 1 and -1 and 0 due to the inverted symmetry of opposites. The whole quantum mechanics dead end might be good at making electronics but to shift into the quantum age one must shift away from the concepts of physical and move into the concepts of light. Again, let there bee light. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is a light based healing modality, a topical food, made from manuka honey. Food of the Gods. God from God, Light from Light. Bee gotten not made. You know the rest in you believe.
My model was a spiritual revelation that can only be seen when you go inward to heal yourself and witness your healing event and then reintegrate that journey with scientific investigation of the very events that were responsible for all that is seen. Becoming a quantum biologist is not something that can be taught by others. It is an inner journey of suffering followed by the rising of the Phoenix. The awakening experience, if you are not ready for it, can be traumatic in itself for others around you because you must let go of all earthly possessions to feel the death and rebirth. I speak my truth. However, it falls on deaf ears. Unless you have experienced your own crisis you will not be able to witness your death and regeneration. This happens to occur at the speed of light within your body. The process can be supported by the technologies I make in order to make your journey easier. Bee brain, my brain and to your brain. Nootropic foods for the thinking mind. Food for thought!