Hare and the Tortoise

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I was asked by someone at Resolution Festival to create a metaphor or analogy to explain physics and biology and how they fit together. This morning it came to me the Hare and the Tortoise. What comes first is physics so the Hare wins the race but then biology crosses the line afterwards and because our conscious reality is embedded in the reality of biology it is as if biology or the tortoise has won the race but the Hare had already crossed the line and it was just to fast that no one actually saw it. This is what happens in physics. Too fast for the eyes to see so you think that it is just biology but in fact it is physics and it is happening within you.
hare and toitose

All is mind. All is one. All is within. The physics of the subconscious mind is connected to the inner conscious observation of Balmer line transitions of electrons corresponding to visible wavelengths of light (electromagnetism), which is produced from positron and electron moving from the S2 orbital layer (Bohr model) to another layer and then returning releasing a photon of electromagnetism. This happens in the monoatomic mineral coordination complexes within the aromatic ring of neurotransmitters.
Balmer lines

Balmer series of electron transitions corresponding to visible wavelengths of light. This is the basis for subconscious mind physics and how light interacts with electrons within atoms within our minds outside of the neuron firing system.

Memory is associated with water and the hydrogen quantum tunnelling system that is present when the symmetrical form of hydrogen is produced in the dopamine amine (NH3+) and the hydrogens are added to the monoatomic system mentioned above (see image below).
quantum tunneling of hydrogen
The geometric symmetry within hydrogens electron and positron pairs provides the light based form of hydrogen (photon pairs) where there is no mass and no charge and in this form hydrogen is able to quantum tunnel. The geometric symmetry is needed to allow isotope formation with the monoatomic system which creates new atoms using hydrogen in a quantum tunnelling process.

The isotopes formed are a source of stored memory and the unstable nature of the isotope formed provides a memory recovery system that produces light that can be either observed in dreams with our inverted retina during REM sleep or at later times when memories pop back into our heads, so to speak, as the beta decay processes restore the symmetrical state of monoatomic atoms so the number of protons equals the number of neutrons and the number of electrons equals the number of positrons. Under these conditions the monoatomic memory storage system is in a balanced state. This occurs at night time during sleep, without an observer to interfere with the hydrogen symmetry quantum tunnelling system within our minds. See below for the beta decay processes.
beta decay symmetry

The spiritual healing processes within our bodies is based on seeing down into the Lyman series and observing the nucleus of the atom. This can occur when an alpha particle emission occurs which produces sufficient energy to push the conscious observation deeper into the atomic proximity of electrons and the observer sees the light (golden sphere) within the center of the nucleus of a central atomic feature in our minds eye. This experience can correspond with the midpoint of a persons life (mid-life crisis) and may also result in observations from future events in a persons life as the atomic decay process reveals observations of atomic decay from the future and the form of karmic stored memories.

So the feature of memory is to create asymmetric states of atoms in our minds that are able to release light within the observers conscious mind at later times to provide memories of past events. These are the Karmic subconscious minds programs that are being repeated in a persons life. Breaking these old habits and patterns can be difficult as the process of memory and memory storage in atomic forms also creates cellular structures which are the long term memories that provide a biological context of neurons and their firings which is more widely understood in neurophysiology and much work has been done in this space.

My product, OH BEE HAVE empowering healing, with its hydroxyl radical generating system (OH*) helps to breakdown the old biological memories to release the old habits so that new memories can be created and stored through the physics of light interacting with monoatomic systems within the mind as outlined above. The feature of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing to help with accelerated learning is its monoatomic coordination complexes that are bound to the royal jelly proteins. The antioxidants and their aromatic rings contain this monoatomic system which is supporting the physics of our subconscious mind. Try it for yourself to see the affects on your mental well-being, reduced brain fog and accelerated learning potential of this natural royal jelly extract from Manuka honey. The nootropic benefits of honey have been known for quite some time but the mechanism were unknown. My quantum biology model as outlined above provides for the first time a mechanism of action for the physics of the subconscious mind and how this is being supported by OH BEE HAVE empowering healing.

How do you think I developed these models in the first place? By using my product and having developed a new physics model of SUSY inversion, which is my unified field theory. Have a read and see if you can understand how to integrate science and spiritual understanding into the model I have created.