Hydroxyl radicals and regeneration and apoptosis

Why do I consider the hydroxyl radical to be a friend and not a foe. There are a number of reasons. Firstly, it is produced naturally in our bodies and induces apoptosis. Cells are smart and they have evolved to use the destructive force of the hydroxyl radical for the power of good. To destroy damaged cells without the need for cellular ATP energy. So turning biomolecules back into CO2 and water is performed by the magic of hydroxyl radicals.

Hydroxyl radical cascade AND regeneration AND apoptosis

This cascade is what happens in apoptosis. It removes toxins from a persons body. It is the power to transmute elements, and the process the body uses to get rid of the things it does not want. That is why most pharmaceutical drugs do not work because they are up against an oxidative process that works in nanosecond time scale and releases 1200 eV in a nanosecond. 

I consider this molecule to be the three in one. Father = O, Sun = H and the Spirit being the * or the single lone electron a radical. So the hydroxyl radical is the most potent of all radicals and there is nothing in the human body that prevents the action of this magical molecule. The healing power of the Holy Spirit discovered in Manuka honey and produced by the Photo-Fenton chemistry. I also consider this to be responsible for the antiviral and antimicrobial activity of Manuka honey and not MGO as outlined by the New Zealand Manuka honey industry. 

People have known about the hydroxyl radical for a long time and use its power to remove contamination from soils from toxic spills because it breaks things down into CO2 and water. It has been used to clean up VOCs after house fires and to sterilize medical equipment for surgery. The potency of something that works using light and produces lots of energy is also very beneficial for healing and regeneration in people. I expect when the science of SUSY inversion is understood then the physics of Manuka honey can be better understood.

So empower your own health journey using the healing power of Manuka honey and learn how the magic happens in your body. It is amazing to understand how cells can use radical chemistry to recycle themselves.