Investment opportunity

Dr Johnson

Quantum Technologies Ltd is seeking investors to support the development of the medical device and complimentary medicine applications of the RJPI product through the appropriate regulatory pathways in the New Zealand and into international markets. If you are interested in investing in Quantum Technologies Limited please get in touch with Dr Johnson via email at subject line "investor".


I submitted my first PCT application on 11 Aug 2021. Big step forward for my company. Exec_Summary document. Still in the start-up phase of my regenerative medicine company journey. Takes time to understand the market opportunity and positioning of a product that took me back to my foundations. Complementary medicines are interesting for a number of reasons. If you are excited in the opportunity to invest in New Zealand's first quantum biology company supporting the alternative healthcare community with regenerative healing technologies that are IP protected. It's time for the little guy and the transformation of healthcare by putting the power to heal in people's hands. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing. 


Data rooms coming soon.