Long COVID syndrome

I am giving credit where credit is due. This is not my work but I wish to acknowledge people who are coming up with viable alternative solutions to vaccines for the benefit of humanity. We are seeing the virus adapt to the vaccines. So the approach to use a slow process involving antibody production is likely to fail due to the fast adaptive response of the virus to the selective pressure of the antibodies produced in the body. This is putting pressure on the virus and causing genetic drift or adaptation, with new variants being created. We are heading down a pathway and making things worse for ourselves.

The aspects of the spike protein, causing disease in the body as well as issues with latent integration of mRNA into our genetic code making the vaccine a latent form of transmissible disease, we have certainly put the cat among the pigeons so to speak.

Here is what others are saying....


In summary, 

COVID-19 is causing an allergу-lіke reѕрonѕe reѕemblіng hурerѕenѕіtіvіtу рneumonіtіѕ. The released ACE2 receptor in the blood has triggered an auto-immune type reaction and the cells have become primed to attack ACE-2 receptors, which are found throughout the body. As such, the immune system has major targeting issues and it is proposed that the long-haul symptoms of COVID-19 are due to this trained immune response towards ACE-2 receptors leading to the auto-immune issues observed that includes the wide array of symptoms of people with long-haul COVID-19 have been complaining about. As there are no real current treatments for long-haul COVID-19, I would suggest people eat foods that have good anti-inflammatory properties.

Here some really interesting information on the vaccines and the science and the trouble we are in.


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