Longevity research and biohacking

We are a smart bunch but we keep doing dumb things. I guess that is because we failed to listen to nursey rhymes as children. All the answers to everything are in nursey rhymes. If you haven't heard of biohacking then this is probably not the page for you. If you want to live well into old age and have more energy to do the things you love, then this is definitely not the page for you. Look at the graph above. Mutant worms. What does that have anything to do with you. Well consider the wellness antioxidant industry and what is stated above about the role of free radicals extending life. Funny how we have been duped by the marketing into thinking we are supporting our health and well-being using anti-oxidants. One claim followed by another the industry of wellness based on antioxidants is going to come tumbling down, what a great fall. Like I said Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. In this case the international wellness community based on antioxidants. The evidence is coming together and we know the benefits of radicals. If it takes one to know one. And radicals are bad for us, then the best way to deal with them is to provide more to ensure they are paired and not alone. Quantum Technologies has developed just that. A light based radical healing system for your benefit. Check out the review and try for yourself. Nature's secrets have been revealed. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing and the future of regenerative healthcare.