Nootropic properties of honey

The nootropic brain health properties of manuka honey are not just a feature of the proteins present in the honey (royal jelly proteins). There are several clinical scientific studies that outline the key benefits of honey seen in patients related to a number of brain health conditions. See here. The cognitive benefits of honey have been highlighted by others including a paper outlining the benefits towards preventing cognitive decline in dementia studied in Iraq. The neurological effects of honey have also been outlined in the following scientific review paper. The mechanism of action is currently unknown but has been related to the phenolic compounds present within the honey. As Manuka honey contains high phenolic content and high mineral content, the unique features of Manuka honey and its benefits related to mind health and brain function are still unknown. The scientific model that I have developed for mind and memory is focused on the underpinning physics happening external to neurons, where neurotransmitters have a special role to play. If you take a look at the physics of the mind and memory, this new model provides evidence for the neurotransmitter being an isotope forming machine that enables light to be housed in the aromatic ring of the neurotransmitter. This light housed within the ring as an isotope becomes a stable atom when it undergoes atomic decay. The timing of which is dependent on the isotopes half-life. The atom contains the memory itself in the form of electromagnetism. The decay of the atom releases the memory (recall). This atomic physics based memory model that allows time reversal symmetry. The clock like features of isotopes gives the experience of time itself in relation to memory. The flow of hydrogen into the atom, to form the isotope, and out of the atom housed in the aromatic (hexagon) ring of the neurotransmitter provides the mechanism responsible for memory recall. This is all taking place to produce the physics of light happening within the subconscious mind.