how it feels

Manuka honey anti-microbial spray

Benefits: Rapid pain relief via topical application, regenerative, non addictive, improved mental performance, rapid healing, helps reveal past trauma and provides access to the subconscious mind.

What benefit will I get from it? More energy reserves. Ability to exercise without getting tired. Greater fitness. Greater health and well-being. It makes you smarter and learn faster. It allows you to cope in stressful situations. Reduced inflammation. Greater pain tolerance. It creates a deeper sense of connection. You feel more open and connected. More courageous about achieving goals.

What does it feel like? It feels like someone turned up the volume on the radio and put on dance music. It feels like happiness. It feels like coming home.

What is it? Vitality comes from biological complexity. It retains the ability to respond to environmental cues at the speed of light. Based on quantum biology it performs quantum entanglement at the speed of light. It is what the bees make to split water to dry the honey. Protein, lipid, carbohydrates, minerals, phenolics and small molecules to create biological complexity.

When should I use it? When you are feeling low. When you need more focus. When you want more energy. When under stress.

How does it work? It produces signaling molecules in our body that increase our regenerative biochemistry. It turns off inflammation. It produces revitalizing energy "chi", bio-energy, prana, qi, ki, and the Holy Spirit. 

How was it discovered? Many years ago people discovered that the body could heal using regeneration without scarring. It is isolated from Manuka honey (food of the Gods). It is only 0.1 to 1% of the honey, refined and separated from the sugar so OK for diabetics. From the land of milk and honey (Aotearoa) the land of the long white cloud.

Discovered by science in the 1930s Evaluated from 2010 to 2019. Mode of action determined in 2013. Safety and efficacy determined by human clinical evaluation from 2010 to 2019. Honey has been used for 1000's of years.  

Why use it topically? It allows for more effective delivery of the product. You get more bang for your buck by avoiding the first-pass metabolism of the liver. Less is more in quantum biology and you can get more for less topically. The skin is part of your brain, made from the same cells in the fetus as neurons. Feeds your regenerative biochemistry in the stem cell niche (biophysics) in the hair follicle. 

How much does it cost? $4 / mL - 1 billion colloidal nanoparticles /mL.

How often should I use it? It depends on how it makes you feel and when you would want extra energy and feel more connected and have better concentration.

How long does it last for? That depends on how often it is used and how much it is used. It accumulates in the body because it is natural regenerative biochemistry it promotes long-lasting health benefits and feelings of well-being. It takes about 30 minutes after application before you feel the effects. It can last several hours but it depends on the individual and how sensitive they are to feeling the effects. Just supporting more of your natural biochemistry.

Why is it safe to use? It is taken from the food we eat so it is natural and safe. So it has had a long history of use. Honey has been used orally and topically for 1000's of years as a food and used in medicine. It has no come down and is accumulative but not addictive because it is just natural regenerative biochemistry that happens inside of you and happens normally when we sleep at night. So you are just getting more of what you already have. It feels clean not a dissociation feeling at all. It does not remove you from yourself but reconnects you more to you. 

Who should use it? Anyone that wants more from life. Anyone that wants more energy and is feeling tired. Anyone that wants to be smarter and learn faster. Anyone wanting to learn something new. Anyone feeling stressed. Anyone that wants to reconnect to themselves and enhance their meditation and mindfulness. Anyone dealing with complicated situations. Anyone who wants to stand up and be counted. Anyone that wants to feel a sense of well-being. Anyone who wants to increase their health and well-being. Anyone that wants to improve their fitness.