Pain relief in seconds

50 billion cells die every day by apoptosis and you do not feel pain associated with this cellular death system. Why? Well, the hydroxyl radical is responsible for this pain free cellular death process and this is the reason why OH BEE HAVE empowering healing provides rapid pain relief. 

Pain relief and the science backing this technology. The light energy system (photo-Fenton chemistry) present in product produces the most potent oxidative compound known in biology, the hydroxyl radical. When we look at what this magic molecule can do. It has the power to remove all damaged cellular components from our bodies turning them back into CO2 and water. This is the secret that nature has been hiding in plain sight. The speed at which it works is in the nanosecond timescale. 1 billion times per second. This is too fast for the human conscious mind to feel. So what you feel is increased energy and pain is turned off as if nothing is there.

The hydroxyl radical which can breakdown proteins, sugars, lipids and DNA and RNA (including mRNA in the vaccine), in cells and is able to remove all damage from the cell as it breaks down the cell into CO2 and water. The current thinking in science is that damage is done to cells because of radicals (old thinking). However, radicals break down cells containing damaged proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, DNA and RNA to remove damage as part of the natural apoptosis process (cell death and regeneration are two sides of the same coin). If you stop this biological recycling system (apoptosis) you destroy the bodies ability to heal itself. It is interesting how we fear death and yet cellular death is regenerative and supports life.

The health food industry has pushed antioxidants for years touting the benefits of antioxidants stopping radicals damaging cells. Because radicals break cells down into CO2 and water then the antioxidants are stopping this process leading to the accumulation of cellular damage. The conclusion of this thinking is antioxidants are supporting aging within the cells of the body by preventing apoptosis. This stops the natural cellular recycling system and provides the reason for the development of disease in your body. Have a found the underlying mechanism behind disease causation in the physics of regeneration? Time will tell but so far it looks like I may have discovered the Holy Spirit and the essence of life itself and the key to longevity. I know this is a big statement to make. Check out what people say and then you can try it for yourself and see what you think. 

Why do you think there has been an increase in disease occurring in Western culture over the past 60 odd years? Consider the processed foods lack of minerals, and the role minerals play in biology, being responsible for radical formation within the body. Iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) are key elements for photo-Fenton chemistry and the production of hydroxyl radicals involved in cellular recycling. It does not take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. Maintain your health and remove pain from your body through the power of regeneration.