Photo-Fenton Chemistry and the power of hydroxyl radicals

Like yin yang and photons of light are caught in a bubble and released to transfer of energy from one place to another through emission and absorbance processes happening within monoatomic atoms at the speed of light. Light has some unique properties. The right hand rule. Electromagnetism and Einstein's geometry of light c^2 = E/M. The ability to use Einstein and Newton in atomic physics at the singularity. When m = E /c^2 then the idea of Newton and the physics of light of positron / electron pairs (+/-) provide an alternative view point and the way light is quantum entangled together to create atoms. No mass and no charge. From the balance of opposites, photons can travel within interaction to enable quantum tunnelling into the structure of atoms.

Einstein and light geometry in S orbital structures

This is how apoptosis supports regeneration of neighbouring cells as the light is released from the dying cell which illuminates its neighbours. This photo-Fenton chemistry under a light microscope shows the capture of light caught in the geometry of a bubble. Yin yang type geometry of a circle provides a way of looking at how the bubble grows in jumps getting bigger as the light is added. Like the photo-electric effect and the positron and electron pairs within the atom get further apart as the light is added into the atom. Like blowing up a bubble using light. It gets to a certain size and then the photon of light is released from the bubble structure and into a wavelength of light that can travel to another place. This video gave me the idea of the photon being a bubble made of a positron and an electron in a dance of inverted symmetry that allows the electron and positron pair to have no mass and no charge because every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Quantum tunnelling of hydrogen into monoatomic minerals coordinated to aromatic rings


The photo-Fenton chemistry provides 1200 eV in 1 nanosecond and is a natural process for turning cells back into CO2 and water. This process creates entanglement in fluids so that the apoptotic bodies act as a communication system throughout the human body ensuring that cells are in communication and behaving themselves as if they are one organism. The role of radicals, and the hydroxyl radical in quantum entanglements means that biology of physics communication within cell biology needs this radical chemistry and the functional role of radicals in cellular death and regeneration should be considered therapeutically beneficial and not detrimental. Stop this apoptotic radical chemistry and you end up accumulating aging in cells. If we consider the physics of health and wellbeing then we can understand the role energy plays in our bodies to enable regeneration.

This is what light based quantum fluids do when exposed to UVa light. They form structures at the speed of light. Interesting to watch and an important discovery of how to create quantum responsive fluids. 

The fluid under the microscope has been produced using photo-Fenton chemistry and the generation of hydroxyl radicals using light. This process has made the fluid quantum entangled where the energy is able to be captured from light by the fluid and the new structure that is generated using light can be released again when the wavelengths of light used to illuminate the liquid change from UVa to white light. This is somewhat like cymatics and just as sound can create structure now we can see that light can create structures in quantum entangled fluids at the speed of light. If we then consider how the hydroxyl radical breaks down cells back into CO2 and water as part of cellular apoptosis and cellular death and regeneration. The quantum entanglement that occurs in the apoptotic cells means the apoptotic bodies end up in lots of different cells around the body. This suggests that our bodies cells are connected together using a quantum communication system that occurs through apoptosis (cell death). If this provides the most fundamental level of cellular communication to ensure the body works holistically then the use of antioxidants as a way to prevent cellular damage is flawed as the body's ability to recycle cells back into CO2 and water means antioxidants stop this natural process from occurring. Consider the benefits of removing cells that are damaged by apoptosis and the power of the hydroxyl radical turns cells back into CO2 and water. What you have is a preventative way of stopping cancer formation. As cancer cells function independently from the rest of the body. They have lost this ability to communicate on a quantum entanglement level. This video provides context for apoptosis and apoptotic body communication for holistic health.

The basic physics of life is in alignment with how the universe operates as a light based quantum super computer. We can consider the light within our own minds and how it produces the visual information in the subconscious mind at the speed of light. This understanding provides context for the healing properties of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing and its subconscious mind supplement properties. Enjoy the light show.

Royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey and analysed under a Nanosight instrument. The quantum wave behaviour of the protein particles is due to a monoatomic system that is present within the aromatic antioxidants that perform the photo-electric effect, photo-Fenton chemistry and produce the same physics as what is happening in the human subconscious mind. Enjoy you deserve it. That is why my product OH BEE HAVE empowering healing helps people to restore their mental well-being because it is supporting the subconscious mind. Support your well-being through the power of quantum connection. Photons are the key to the light within the mind.