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Einstein geometry
Here are the links to my online quantum biology course. Unlisted videos on YouTube. Feedback for improvements would be helpful. Thanks.

Quantum technologies ltd quantum biology course lesson 1
Breaking the standard model
In lesson 2 I talk about the Bose Einstein Condensate and how this weird form of light, the liquid form of helium, in a quantum super fluid, given it's properties and geometry provides the only element of the periodic Table that could be present near absolute zero, where the electrons are at 0.00004 nm distance apart provides a KJ/mol binding energy to produce 10 x the speed of light and responsible for the inflation stage of the universe. By starting again after introducing positrons back into the standard model of physics provides the starting point for some interesting calculations that reveal God. He the Father, the liquid waters of the universe and the generation of dark matter, dark energy and matter, the right hand rule of electromagnetism and the speed of light calculations. Further reading to include: https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz/pages/susy-inversion-unified-field-theory https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz/pages/speed-of-light-calculations https://www.ohbeehave.co.nz/pages/cosmic-energy-background-calculations
Quantum technologies ltd quantum biology course lesson 3
In this video I provide a understanding of how to look at Einstein's most famous equation in three ways in order to see the structural features of geometry of a circle and a cross and a singularity within that geometry and the inverse square laws of gravity and charge interactions. Looking into the relationship between electrons and positrons as photons of light in the inverted symmetry relationship of the cross based geometry and how to understand how light can have no mass and no charge. Why is this important? The role of light or biophotons in biology is not understood so developing a scientific framework for light provides a way to understand how light works within atoms and in biology. The physics of light in biology is one of the fundamental aspects of quantum biology that needs to be resolved. Providing this framework means you can look into the light from the perspective of the light in atoms based on geometry and see the inverted symmetry through the zero point and determine from the ground up how biology forms structures using light trapped in atoms.

Quantum technologies ltd quantum biology course lesson 4
In lesson 4, I talk about the relationship between a circle and Einstein's E= mc^2. I also discuss the concept of Planck length and using inverse square law to position electrons within the atoms orbital structures. Also, considering the lens like properties of the atomic center of the atom and how it acts like a sun or point light source and how each electron within the atom is also held in its position by photons of light. This spider web like electron arrangement in atoms can be seen using concepts of the inverse square law and point light source. Then, I use the idea of light within atoms and the photo-electric effect where the positron and electron pairs are mirrored through the center of the atom "The nucleus" Like a pin hole camera the nucleus flips upside down the light so that it is opposite on one side of the atom to the otherside of the atom. The balance of opposites. So the model of atoms has both positrons and electrons and not just electrons as outlined in the Bohr model of the atom. This different perspective provides the context of a cross based geometry within atoms. I talk about S orbitals and p orbitals and how the electrons / positrons within the S orbital can be used to identify the position of the P orbitals. This can also be done with the D and F orbitals. Have a go if you want to. Lots of information on the geometry of stability based on inverted symmetry which is the SUSY inversion model to understand geometry of atoms and how to look at Einsteins geometry in atoms.

Lesson 5 quantum biology Dr Johnson
Here I discuss the concepts of inverse square law within the atom structure and how to identify the position of electrons in single atoms when not measured to disturb them. Understanding how this applies to neurotransmitter function and the aromatic ring and its unique environment to create a connection between single atoms within our subconscious minds and how hydrogen in the state of inverted symmetry allows quantum tunneling to create isotopes. Those isotope are atomic clocks with half lives and the release of light from them provides energy, a source of light for transformation and a way for atoms to store light and return their geometry back to a balance state where the number of protons = the number of neutrons and the number of electrons = the number of positrons. This is the key feature of sleep and the light from dreams originates from these radioactive decay process to restore atomic balance in the atoms of the subconscious mind. I explain how this occurs through hydrogen. I also speak about how I view the center of the atomic world and spin from alpha particle emission from the helium bose Einstein condensate.

In lesson 6 I discuss the concept that electrons are Janus particles and the role of looking at things differently to allow you to explore alternative solutions and ideas of how numbers are created through interaction and the role numbers play in relation to symmetry, mirroring and atomic stability. Even versus odd. These are the numbers in squaring to give inverted symmetry. Rotation and looking at things from different perspectives. Get curious to compare alternatives. Do not let failure limit your success for the exploration of ideas. All ideas are worth considering. Let them sit with you.