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allergies + congestion

I sprayed this product 2 or 3 inhalations through the nose for hay fever. This product alleviated my symptoms of extreme hay-fever, itchy nose, and watery eyes, immediately and made me feel good and calm as well. The effects lasted for about 3 hours. 

OK I want to say it is a brilliant decongestant. Natural and nice. H.S.

If it passes the wife test we will be impressed. She is a Maori nurse who makes some rongoa products mostly Kawakawa based and knows Maori community well in terms of attitudes / behaviours / practical issues. Good news on the wifey front - liking the product so far seems to help clear her chronic blocked nose.

Allergies and Congestion - it works!

This worked straight away for my partner on the days when anything triggered a sneezing allergy and blocked nose. It would work for a few hours - and then he'd need to use it again. He'd been doing that for a couple of weeks, but interestingly hasn't needed it recently, but it is on standby for if and when he does again! Catherine S. New Zealand New Zealand

Subtle and effective

I loved using this product and know that it did lift my spirits when I was feeling a bit blue and upset. Highly recommend this and use it to see for yourself! Thank you for inventing such an effective tool all made naturally :-) A++++ Sommer W. New Zealand New Zealand


Hi, I bought one of your bee sprays at the resolution festival and said that I would write a review but haven't got around to it yet until now. A friend of mine used your product in a healing system that uses the frequencies to treat people and you can put the products like yours in it which it can then beam the frequency into a person. Whilst doin that the effects I found were like a portal or opening in my sinus that was supposed to be open but I had it closed, kind of like a clenched muscle. I felt like it was a connection of my body via the sinuses to the outside world that I was resisting with subconscious beliefs that was causing my hay fever, after the one treatment, my hay fever significantly reduced. I also found it useful for spraying up a blocked stuffy nose. Thank you and I hope you are well.