Reviews OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

NaNos + Bio-Hacky

My 60 year old brother suffers from anxiety and I sprayed the wellbeing
and NaNos over 3 days. He has felt the benefits. I also used Bio Hacky
on the back of his neck . It is so nice to see him smiling after the spray.

“I’m a 55 year old male who has been using OH BEE HAVE daily for just on six months now, after randomly meeting its creator Keryn in our local Cafe one sunny morning. The two major benefits that I’ve discovered over this time are feeling a lot more balanced & centered within myself, and that I don’t seem to suffer the ill effects of hangovers like I did previously!

I would encourage anyone seeking ongoing good health & contentment to seriously consider having a spray or two of OH BEE HAVE daily, in conjunction with a decent diet, regular exercise & plenty of time outdoors enjoying nature with family & friends!
BK, Raumati South
May 2021"


Reviews D-Tox 

My name is Janine McKenzie-Minifie, I have a background in pharmacy and I work in the bodywork field. I have been using oh bee have spray topically for almost two years. I began when I was recovering from a major illness. I found oh bee have helped maintain my energy levels through my long days being a working mother with a social life. Over the time I have been using oh bee have I have trended in a healthy direction and I feel my emotional and physical resilience has been enhanced.  I am grateful to Dr Johnson for using his position at the cutting edge of quantum science to create and distribute products to improve our wellbeing. His approach targets all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional. I have gifted oh bee have  to friends and family and I have seen results. His products work gently and with the body, which is a welcome change. It does mean though that you just feel better, without accompanying side effects of a lot of herbal and pharmaceutical preparations. I have found only upsides to taking these quantum biology products. 20.04.2021


Radiance skin serum

18/05/2020 After struggling with melasma and burning sensations of my facial skin over two years with doctors unable to tell me why, I happened upon this product. I use a few sprays each morning and I’m pleased to report that I haven’t experienced burning skin since using this, even when I go into the sun or drink alcohol which used to be a major trigger. Even the dark spots seem to be lessening, my fine lines are non-existent, and I have been feeling a lot less depressed than I was before using the spray.