Reviews wound healing

The wound healing benefits of the product is also amazing. I have registered the product on the MEDSAFE WAND medical device database. New wound care product on its way!​

PS: My mom ordered your spray as it helped with a ruptured vein on her finger. She gets them occasionally from knitting a lot. They can be quite painful and usually take a week or so to heal. With your spray it had cleared up completely the very next day!!! She says: "it’s normally a painful healing. This time, it just disappeared." 😊 Gerlinde Ullrich

Good for burns as well. 
My partner burnt his thumb.. after running it under cold water for a bit he sprayed your product on it and he had zero pain 😱 and it is healing.. I only just found this out.. I'm pretty sure this had to happen before I could write this.. holy shit... I'm actually shocked.
burn thumb