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The skin is the biggest organ of our body. It is the barrier to the outside world. The skin has many layers, and each layer plays an important role. The skin also contains the ability to heal itself. The ability to regenerate if wounded. The healing potential and stem cell niche in the hair follicle bulge region is important for the healing of wounds. What people probably do not currently recognize is that the skin is fluidic. When intact it has a cycling system that takes whatever is on the surface of the skin and brings it down into the hair follicle. In the hair follicle the cells sample and breakdown whatever was on the surface of the skin. This surface recycling and biological sampling system provides a way of sensing what is happening within the environment. 

It is important that this system is operating correctly otherwise you will get problems with your skin. The skin rejuvenating serum made from the royal jelly proteins isolated from Manuka honey provides a way to support this system. By using the topical spray, the natural components of the proteins help support the regenerative processes happening within the skin. A new layer of skin is grown every week. This process requires considerable energy. By providing the serum topically you can support the regenerative processes within the skin and continue to support your youthful looks. 

You will feel sensational when you use the product. The power to rejuvenate the skin and look your best.


The wound healing product is registered on the MEDSAFE WAND database as a medical device. 

WAND Reference Sponsors Reference GMDN Manufacturer Class
200218-WAND-6U608H OH BEE HAVE Medical-honey liquid barrier dressing, non-sterile [47773] Quantum Technologies Limited IIb


This product is in the early stages of development. 

The skin is a complex organ and to keep it young and healthy you must look after it right? You have to moisturize and use all those amazing natural ingredients to keep yourself look young and beautiful. Let's look at understanding regenerative aspects of the skin and how they work to keep your skin looking young. 

Do you know your skin has its own source of stem cells? They do not need to come from the bone marrow. They are located in a stem cell niche in the base of the hair follicle. The bulge region. Here is what the scientific literature says.

"Hair follicles stem cells are reserved in niche called bulge. Bulge is located between the opening of sebaceous gland and the attachment site of the arrector pili muscle. Bulge stem cells are multipotent and have high proliferative potential. These cells generate all epithelial lineages of the skin, including keratinocytes, sebocytes and hair." Joulai Veijouye S, Yari A, Heidari F, Sajedi N, Ghoroghi Moghani F, Nobakht M. Bulge Region as a Putative Hair Follicle Stem Cells Niche: A Brief Review. Iran J Public Health. 2017;46(9):1167-1175.

The 5 Layers of Your Skin
  • Stratum Basale or Basal Layer. The deepest layer of the epidermis is called the stratum basale, sometimes called the stratum germinativum. ...
  • Stratum Spinosum or the Spiny layer. This layer gives the epidermis its strength.
  • Stratum Granulosum or the Granular Layer. 
  • Stratum Lucidum. 
  • Stratum Corneum.

 layers of the skin

There is an evolutionary process at work here. It is called the differentiation of cells from the junction between the dermis and epidermis where cells divide and replace the top layers of the skin in a regular process of biological recycling. the outer layer of the skin is hydrophobic (repels water) and this keeps sebum on the inside of your body and nasties on the outside. To keep the skin regenerating it needs energy. Where does this energy come from? The food you eat. Biology is smarter than that. It knows how to recycle energy and this is what is happening down in the stem cell niche in the hair follicle. 

Have you ever rubbed pollen onto your skin on the back of your hand? The bright orange stain on your skin changes shape over time. If you wait long enough you will see that the area gets smaller and smaller as if by magic. Where doe the pollen go? It does not fall off. It gets concentrated around a hair follicle. 

skin serum radiance

The skin migrates down the hair follicle and is recycled by your biology to recover the energy needed to grow the next layer of skin. Biology is not wasteful of energy. It reuses what it already has. Consider apoptosis, phagocytosis, autophagy all recycling of cells and components of cells to make new things. The stem cell niche is a recycling factory to take the old layers of skin and break them down into energy to allow these small molecules to be used again. If you are not supporting this regenerative process in your skin then you are stopping the natural regenerative capacity of your skin and therefore you might be preventing your skin from staying young and rejuvenated. 

We know much about the wound healing benefits of Manuka honey. Did you know that honey heals wounds without scarring? Scarring is not a predetermined outcome from a wound on the skin. If you consider foetal wounds, yes scientists have hurt animals and looked at wounds in utero and they have shown that wounds before the third trimester heal without scarring. What is the magic behind this observation? It corresponds to inflammation and without an active immune system the wound heals without scarring. But surely wounds need to be cleaned by the immune cells to mop up the broken cells and bacteria that have got into the wound? Well, consider the sterile environment in the womb. Those wounds heal without scarring. As I outlined above. Manuka honey heals wounds without scarring. It is the anti-inflammatory properties of the Manuka honey that is responsible for stopping the second phase of wound healing as outline in the image below meaning the wound speeds up its healing and moves directly into stage 3: Epithelialization and does so without scarring.

 wound healing

You can take the opportunity to use the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey, without the sugar, in a non contract spray that works to assist healing by maintaining a moist wound healing environment for optimal healing. The pain free properties of the product are an added bonus as well as the regenerative properties and its scar free healing. The attributes of the product make it ideal for healing wounds optimally without pain. What no painful dressing changes? A topical spray and a non contract way to assist healing naturally. Check out this testimonial.


Hear what others have said about the product and its wound healing benefits.

PS: My mom ordered your spray as it helped with a ruptured vein on her finger. She gets them occasionally from knitting a lot. They can be quite painful and usually take a week or so to heal. With your spray it had cleared up completely the very next day!!! She says: "it’s normally a painful healing. This time, it just disappeared." 😊 Gerlinde Ullrich

Good for burns as well. 
My partner burnt his thumb.. after running it under cold water for a bit he sprayed your product on it and he had zero pain 😱 and it is healing.. I only just found this out.. I'm pretty sure this had to happen before I could write this.. holy shit... I'm actually shocked.