Sleep and atomic inverted symmetry to restore atomic balance

Atomic geometry
The role of sleep in our atoms is fascinating. As the monoatomic atoms put hydrogen into the hexagon ring structure of your neurotransmitters during day light whilst you are awake the atoms that are being build are becoming asymmetric. What I mean by this is the number of electrons and positrons in the atom is uneven. That means the number of neutrons and protons are uneven and the number of positrons and electrons is uneven. When atoms in the monoatomic systems of the mind are uneven then when you sleep they flip the quarks to change a proton into a neutron or visa versa and this process releases light from within the atom itself, from the center and this is the inner light source producing the light in your dreams when you are sleeping with your eyes closed.

The human retina (rods and cones) point inwards and are on the inside of the eye looking into the brain. The light produced comes from the atomic systems present in the human subconscious mind. The jumping of electrons and positrons within the monoatomics produces light that you see also known as Balmer line electron transitions. 
The atomic stability of the monoatomic systems correspond to your mental well-being. The ability to put hydrogen into the atom via quantum tunneling provides mental clarity. Where does the hydrogen come from? The pH of the environment is carried in the water. The hydrogen in water provides the hydrogen for protonation of the amine going from NH2 to NH3+. This hydrogen can then be added into the atom to create the isotope. Depending on the local environment of the neurotransmitters and the coordination complexes with the monoatomics you can either put hydrogen into the atom or take it out of the atom. This connects our emotional water geometry to our memory system that is a direct property of quantum tunneling in the coordination complex with our neurotransmitters. This model that I have developed has been built on the basis of my own personal spiritual healing where I experienced the radioactive decay of atoms within my mind which released light in a moment of intense brilliance. Images of future events were revealed suggesting that the atomic storage of light is released again in the future in a sense the karma that is experienced in one's life comes from the atomic world of energy of atoms that are created through experience and the light / energy that is present around us which provides the clues for the physics within us. 
Sleeping therefore provides a way to allow the atoms within the monoatomic system to be allowed to come back to a state of balance of inverted symmetry so that both sides of the atom are equal. In my logical model without measurement I have established that the atom has a central nucleus but nothing exists within it other than the light, photons, that connect the two sides together. The nucleus acts as a pin hole camera to provide a single point of inversion.

pin hole
When you are at peace you reside at the zero point. When you take sides then you are taken away from you center. The products I make help restore your experience of the central point and a feeling of balance. Restoring balance is usually obtained from good sleep, however, given the stress in people's lives they do not feel well rested in the morning when they wake up. If you lack energy then consider the possibility that this atomic energy system within your body may not be working optimally especially if you are not getting enough sleep to restore the monoatomic atom geometry to a balanced state. Consider using R&R to reduce the stress in your life and restore monoatomic mineral function. Take a break and a well earned rest. Enjoy, you deserve it!