Starting your healing journey with Manuka honey derived sprays

To be heard is a major part of being understood.

What benefits will you receive by going on this journey? Using Manuka honey derived sprays and the power of the hydroxyl radical to remove damaged cells from your body is a deeply felt healing process. It can result in the release of past trauma and has resulted in many mental wellbeing benefits. The products work their magic by unlocking the atomic minerals within your memory and releasing that so you can heal prior trauma and stop repeating patterns of behaviour. 

Each individuals mind is unique and it has been created through a process where light is transformed into molecules that form the atoms within the mind. From water into atomic structures that house memories. To unlock these can result in transformation in a persons life. To get you back onto your desired path as the product provides additional energy to support your passion.
I would recommend you think of the benefits of aligning your life with your passion and to be empowered to create the life you want. In short, the product puts you back in charge. No longer at the mercy of others ignorance. Only you know what you have gone through to get you where you currently are. By providing the biologically relevant regenerative healing tools OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is giving people their lives back.
The science of SUSY inversion is a supersymmetry model that starts with a Bose Einstein condensate of helium. Science aligned to a Biblical understanding that He the Father is a Helium Bose Einstein condensate. What proof do I have for this idea? Science is currently missing antimatter. Science currently fails to understand what dark matter and dark energy are. The model correctly identifies the emission of alpha particles from a helium Bose Einstein condensate and changes quark mathematics for positron and electron pairs correctly identifying the supposedly missing antimatter within the mass of the neutron giving the three quarks an overall charge of -1 where the positrons +1 charge gives the overall charge of 0 on the neutron. The conservation of charge calculation that I use in the quark charge calculations model for SUSY inversion provide a rationale basis for protons and neutrons being attracted to each other through an electromagnetic force. 
The new science model provides an understanding of memory formation through the Passion of Christ (H) role of hydrogen in isotope formation in the aromatic ring of neurotransmitters. This model looks at n=3 Paschen lines and the third spherical atomic layer within hydrogen being in the infrared and responsible for the wavelengths of light to support tunnelling and entanglement in the aromatic ring from the amine NH3+. It is hardly surprising that this model is reflected in the Biblical story considering its importance for human wellbeing and provides the sustenance of memory and the stories we tell ourselves. Loosing one's mind is an awful thing to watch. Restoring one's memory to have crystal clarity is empowering to the individual. The discovery of memory formation provides the ability to help other with their memory issues. It is remarkable how human biology works. 
How did I figure this out. Well, when people say you are mentally unwell because you saw into the future and everything was revealed from that experience because you see what is about to happen before it has happened, you no longer align your life to the present moment but understand how to navigate your life in the direction of your vision of the future. You know where you are already heading and you buckle up and get the show on the road. Time travel is possible through the following understanding. The memory is formed in atomics (isotopes), which decay and release the stored light in the form of the stored memory. The natural atomic decay has been used by biology based on the time reversal symmetry of the decay process as a way of our memories being able to recall what we have experienced previously. Quite remarkable. The memory that I had was that of my mother's death when I was 11. 30 years later when my daughter was 11 the pattern reappeared and the memory was released. This time I got to witness the decay of the atom and experienced seeing into a golden sphere of light (Lyman lines), Balmer electron transitions give people the ability to see visible light. The release of the light from the decay of the atom provided the images of future events in my life. Because I am a scientist and have 28 years of scientific investigation of regenerative medicine I was able to navigate through the mental health system in New Zealand and provide context in a scientific sense for the experience I had as well as integrate that experience into a new scientific model for memory formation and spiritual healing that occurred at the centre of my life. As you can imagine it was quite revealing seeing everything and being in an elevate state. 
I had to explain the experience I had back in 2013 and the context for the memory housed in atoms coordinated to the aromatic rings of neurotransmitters within the mind and how my product that I have developed OH BEE HAVE empowering healing breaks open the aromatic rings and releases the memory from the past (past trauma) so that I could heal it with the help of others. The initial spiritual healing was too much for most people around me to understand let along comprehend. However, building a scientific model based on that experience provides context for how memories are formed within the mind, as well as how we are able to heal mental illness through the technologies that I have developed.
I have restored the broken model that has been created through measurement by returning positrons back into the model of the atom. By solving the missing antimatter problem in physics by changing quark charge mathematics for biology I have come up with an alternative solution to quantum mechanics that includes the observer in the act of observation through a non interactive logical framework that is empirical and reveals the solutions to the current unknowns in science. This is applicable to biology because within the aromatic rings of neurotransmitters there is an inflow (day time) and outflow (night time) of hydrogen. The generation of isotopes and the physics of light generated from isotope decay provides images within dreams as the atoms are returned back into a stable state (balance means zero state where the number of positrons = the number of electrons and protons = neutrons). This provides context for dreams and the reason why sleep is important in mental health and regeneration.
Radical breakdown of molecules into CO2 and water
This is how OH BEE HAVE empowering healing breaks down the aromatic rings of neurotransmitters, using photo-Fenton chemistry generation of hydroxyl radicals and the ability to release the single atom (memory) housed in the ring structure of our neurotransmitters and responsible for the storage of memory. Releasing the memory is the first stage of going on your healing journey.

Now we have a mechanism of how the subconscious mind and the light we see is responsible for the universe we are creating within ourselves. The SUSY inversion model provides the pinhole camera model for the atom housed within the neurotransmitter ring structure. The pi electron hexagon ring. 
The quantum tunnelling of hydrogen into the monoatomic (single atom) housed in the neurotransmitter ring from the Paschen line (n=3) and from the NH3+ (3N1), is a scientific interpretation of the Passion of Christ that is happening within us. This understanding came from unifying Christ's Passion and death with our salvation through the Holy Spirit. 

When the aromatic ring contains iron (Fe), the mineral can be photo-reduced by light to become Fe2+ which reacts with hydrogen peroxide H-O-O-H to generate OH*. This molecule is responsible for breaking down all biological molecules back into CO2 and water and responsible for removing all damaged cells from our bodies in apoptosis. The Bible states that Christ died for our sins. Hydrogen gets transformed into all other atoms through this process and the release by OH* plays the role in the story of the Holy Spirit, where O is the Father (He the Father as helium Bose Einstein condensate) but the shape is a sphere (O), The Sun / Son as H and the Spirit as * a radical electron.  The product I make from Manuka honey contains the Holy Spirit through the use of photo-Fenton chemistry and it is used topically as a mist or spray because it uses light to photo-reduce the iron. The say the Holy Spirit comes as gentle as the dew falls. 
The revised understanding based on science aligned with a Biblical connection through my own personal spiritual healing and revelations received at church back in 2013 showed me things that were labelled as mental illness (Bipolar). I would suggest that the vision I has was time travel, it took me to 2055 based on alpha particle decay of Hf 72 (156/36), the atom that was generated after 31 years of trauma from my mothers death (suicide). If good things take time. Then 9 years later I can discuss the science of the human subconscious mind and the physics of light (no mass and no charge) as the Balmer lines electron / positron pairs transitions in atoms housed in the aromatic rings of neurotransmitters.
The model reconnects experience with an atomic isotope based memory system that requires hydrogen quantum tunnelling and the ability to heal from trauma through the use of the technology that I developed. The ability to use royal jelly proteins isolated from manuka honey to help your own healing journey as it has helped mine is up to you.

If you would like to start your healing journey today using manuka honey derived sprays please give it a go and see (c) for yourself the changes that come from unlocking the past to create a better future for yourself. There are major benefits to be had. Take a look what others have said about the products in the review tab of the website. This is what Jason has aid about the pain relief product.

He who heals