Subconscious mind physics



The subconscious mind is surprisingly easy to understand once you get the hang of it. It is physics based for a start and physics is maths so it is based on some unusual maths concerning symmetry but inverted symmetry where every action has an equal and opposite reaction to provide a symmetry in opposites in brain hemispheres. Like looking into a mirror the separation of the singularity within creates the sides of our body and mind in a single point of unity within. Where the right side of the brain controls the left side of our body and visa versa. This simple state of inner symmetry comes from the very fabric of the symmetry that resides within the universe. So the physics of the macroscopic universe are identical to the physics of the microscopic universe within the body and within an atom only when you do not measure the balance and symmetry is returned as the act of measuring disturbs the quantum inverted symmetry that occurs within atoms and the zero point (0,0,0) (x,y,z), which is the nucleus where nothing exists other than the reflection of the external which is what is there prior to measurement. Restoring symmetry within the atomic model is needed to understand how the sphere orbital structures within atoms act as a lens, both concave and convex just like the eye. 

eye and light

As there is a cross over point within your mind where both the left and right sides are inverted and the point of that inversion is the point where all information resides and considered to be a singularity within you, at least within the physics of your mind. Every atom has this singularity point at the center of the nucleus, which is the point of symmetry. From that single point every action in either direction has an equal and opposite reaction and the zero is the balance of opposites.

old image


So restoring the symmetry in your physics in your body starts by understanding that the current model in science has been based on measurement which disturbs the state of balance and symmetry. The image above only provides half of the symmetry. The wavelengths between the positron and the electron on either side of the nucleus provides a zero point at the nucleus. When you see photons of light in the structure of atoms then you can understand that atoms in a geometric symmetry of zero mass and zero charge can provide the atomic symmetry. This is only present in monoatomics and is the basis of one atom coordinating to the pi electrons of our neurotransmitters. That unique environment provides the basis of super symmetry inversion physics and understanding singularity physics.

Einstein geometry

The zero point energy field is the universe wanting to find the point of balance within the structure of atoms. Returning to the symmetry of opposites. So light has a geometry of opposites and the right hand rule of electromagnetism.

cross geometry of light

Therefore, to restore balance you need to stop measuring and use logic and I have based this logic on Eisntein's geometry. The logic includes learning that the atoms in the periodic table are missing something. The balance of opposites (positrons). The physics just lost sight of the symmetry in the atomic structure because of the act of measurement creates an asymmetry which is what has been observed and that has resulted in scientists choosing to use 2/3 positive charge for the up quark and -1/3 for the down quark and using adding to get the charge of the proton and neutron. The symmetry based model uses -1 up and +1 down and multiplication. The proton having +1 charge and the neutron having -1. The overall charge of the neutron is 0 because the presence of the positron cancelling the charge on the neutron.

Atomic symmetry

Remember photons have no mass and no charge. Hydrogen with its two photons (4 electrons and 8 Planck lengths). So in the symmetry state of hydrogen it can have no mass and no charge and therefore is able to undergo quantum tunneling and quantum entanglement. It is the geometric symmetry that provides hydrogen with its special properties. These properties have been transferred into water which contains either three hydrogens or one hydrogen and the balance of these two forms determines the pH.

In our neurotransmitters the amine can be in two different states NH2 or NH3+. The ability to put hydrogen into the atom using quantum tunneling is how biology grows atomic structures using water and monoatomics. This is the physics of regeneration. This is the alchemy of life. Atoms can be modified using the amine hydrogen atom geometric symmetry state. The ring structure holds the single atom of a mineral and hydrogen is added to this by the amine. There are three potential hydrogen atoms added. The left side, the right side and the central point. The central hydrogen is in a geometric symmetry therefore able to quantum tunnel into the monoatomic mineral. This is the physics of the subconscious mind and the role neurotransmitters play in monoatomic mineral physics in our minds.


Understanding how single atoms behave when bound to a neurotransmitter inside your subconscious mind is what I have given considerable thought to. Returning to Eisntein's photo-electric effect we can see how restoring symmetry into a single atom provides a understanding that within the atomic structure there are wavelengths of photons between the electrons and positrons where the zero point is in the nucleus at (0,0,0). The pairs of electrons interact with photons and jump between orbitals. This light based interaction occurs in the Balmer series which corresponds to visible wavelengths of light. This is the light our eye see and our conscious mind observes the subconscious mind within.

The human retina point inwards. The vertebrate retina is inverted in the sense that the light sensing cells are in back of the retina, so that light has to pass through layers of neurons and capillaries before it reaches the rods and cones.[4] The ganglion cells, whose axons form the optic nerve, are at the front of the retina; therefore the optic nerve must cross through the retina en route to the brain. In this region there are no photoreceptors, giving rise to the blind spot.[5] 

The Balmer lines correspond to visible wavelengths of light. Remember that you see your dreams at night whilst you are sleeping with your eyes are closed. These photons originate in your subconscious mind and are due to asymmetry within the monoatomic minerals bound to neurotransmitters. The asymmetry means odd numbers of protons and neutrons so the isotope is unstable. During sleep the unstable atoms are restored back to a symmetrical state and in this decay process light is released that you can see. Hence your dreams come from the radioactive beta decay of monoatomic minerals in your subconscious mind. This is needed as without sleep your monoatomic minerals become more unbalanced leading to a higher rate of beta decay leading to visions of the physics that is happening in your subconscious mind.

Balmer lines

There are a few more cool things that the physics of the subconscious mind performs. The number of coordination sites in a neurotransmitter determines its stimulatory or inhibitory nature. Lithium which is used for bipolar coordinates to the pi electrons in the neurotransmitter and suppresses photo-fenton chemistry and the generation of hydroxyl radicals which are involved in removing defects within the brain and maintain clarity within the mind.

This is what neurotransmitter function looks like in the subconscious mind. The role of light in the mind is critical for the creation and storage of memories. If plaques and tangles are present as is the case of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease then the light will not get to where it needs to get to in the mind preventing correct function of the subconscious mind. The physics of light in the subconscious mind is new to science and something that is just starting to be explored. Like cooking an egg if the proteins in the mind are no longer able to be transparent to light by following the symmetry of light and the right hand rule of electromagnetism e.g. the translucent egg white becomes opaque preventing transmission of light in the subconscious mind, which affects memory not in the biology (neurons) but the physics of the subconscious mind. By restoring the physics of regeneration within the subconscious mind by introduction of hydroxyl radicals (biology's recycling system) using the MRJP apisimin phenolic mono-atomic delivery system through the skin (ectoderm - the membrane is the brain) we have seen improvements in brain function, reduced brain fog and accelerated learning in human case studies as well as improvement in bipolar and depression and reduced anxiety. We have no evidence yet in dementia and Alzheimer's disease patients but things are looking exciting.

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Symmetry reversal occurs in non-REM sleep and provides a functional restoration back to symmetry in the geometry in atoms bound to our neurotransmitters. We are proposing that sleep restores symmetry in the mono-atomic minerals coordinated to neurotransmitters including pi electrons in the aromatic ring structure of serotonin and dopamine. The function of sleep is to restore the balance of symmetry back into the minerals structure and release the stored asymmetry which occurs as isotopic elements that have different temporal stability states allowing the release of light through beta plus and beta minus decay thus providing the balance within the mono-atomic. Geometric symmetry once obtained provides a stable structure in the subconscious mind. The release light is observed in the form of dreams. The light is is to form structure as the energy released provides the needed energy to produce new memories in the form of biological structures.

The non REM brain function has been shown to occur 10x faster than REM based brain function. The process of beta emission is suggested to be the functional mechanism by which this function occurs but it is also directed connected to photo-fenton chemistry and the production of hydroxyl radicals and the hydroxylation of neurotransmitters. The radical energy system within the subconscious mind is able to provide the needed energy to create or destroy neurons in a continual recycling of physical form therefore providing the adaption required within the brain to function correctly.

These aspects of the physics of the brain have been discovered by using monoatomic minerals coordinated to aromatic rings of plant phenolics which provide an identical function as our own neurotransmitters based on aromatic amino acids and there decarboxylation (CO2 removal). This functional role of mono-atomic minerals provides a significant role in providing the correct functioning of the subconscious mind and how it operates based on physics of light interacting with electrons. As the subconscious mind controls heart rate and breath and movement its fundamental role in health and well-being has not been explored to any great extent because of the physics occurring very quickly based on the geometry of the electrons in atoms and short lived nature of unsable isotopic forms of the various elements in the periodic table. 

By using the current physics knowledge in biology we are starting to understand the reasons why people have mind diseases and the hypothesis suggests it is the lack of physics in the body and the prevention of energy obtained by radicals that is indeed responsible for reducing the vitality and energy within the body leading to accumulation of damage in proteins and DNA in biology because of partial destruction of proteins and lipids by radicals as the antioxidant function from exogenous antioxidants has overwhelmed our oxidant energy systems leading to dis-function. Therefore, finding balance is key to maintain health and well-being. It appears that sleeps ability to restore atomic symmetry is the fundamental physics function of sleep and the light show we observe in our dreams is a function of radioactive beta decay processes that are natural and are required to restore symmetry from isotopic atomic structure.

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The primordial mind is the subconscious mind and it functions using the photoelectric effect, the motion of electrons from one orbital layer to another. Einstein discovered that in 1905. We now think this is the basis of subconscious mind site. It has only been 115 years since that discovery Einstein discovered how photons are emitted from a surface. We see using light. Understanding how light restores symmetry within the body is important as it can be used to regenerate your body by restoring the physics of apoptosis to enable the functional recycling of the old into new. Take advantage of these new discoveries and take ownership of your health. OH BEE HAVE empowering healing is natures solution based on Manuka honey active ingredient and the photo-fenton energy system that occurs in Manuka honey and is responsible for its anti-microbial and anti-viral properties.

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