SUSY inversion model comparison to quantum mechanics and the standard model of physics

Here is a link to a PDF that compares the various models of the universe and how to understand the different perspectives.


The inability of the standard model and quantum mechanics to explain singularity physics means there are some serious draw backs to the existing approaches.

I draw your attention to the simple idea of quark maths produced by the use of high energy physics in no way corresponds to biology. They needed to break the symmetry in order to see the broken symmetry and calculate the energies based on that state. Einstein clearly identified symmetry as the key feature of the universe. 

SUSY inversion is the symmetry of opposites and for me at least it is a way to understand quark maths in biology that makes logical sense using +1 and -1 for the electron and positron. When this model for light is used to look at atoms, we can use the inverse square laws to understand the light based landscapes of atoms without measurement.