Time reversal symmetry

Quantum tunneling
Time is not linear in the atomic world. You could say the time keepers are unstable atoms. The ability to put light into an atom as a way of building the atom from the ground up through the mechanism of quantum tunnelling as outlined in the above image means that light can also be removed out of the atom from the ground level through the flow of hydrogen out of an atom in the atomic flow of quantum light (light from hydrogen) from the S orbital configuration of a cross where no mass and no charge occurs and where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This conservation of energy retains the geometry of the cross within the structure of hydrogen.

The pouring in of light into the cup of the ring and into the monoatomic mineral that resides in that location provides a way of storing light in the form of atoms. The single electron capture (K+) event that allows quantum entanglement of light in the geometry of the cross provides a mechanism in which atoms are formed with three quarks and 1 electron for the proton and electron system or three quarks and 1 positron for the anti particle (neutron positron system) both occurring in equal numbers and they can combine to give hydrogen gas being made of a proton and neutron and electron and positron. This provides the context for H+ and H- becoming H2 gas without charge. The interaction between the electron and positron forming the covalent bond between the two forms of hydrogen to make the stable diatomic atom.

This provides a logical understanding why diatomic gases are stable and why single atoms are unstable and want to find a dance partner. Their partner in crime. Their mirror reflection. The inward flow into the atom in the monoatomic coordination complex provides the growth of atoms through he light based hydrogen atomic growth system described above. At night the light that was stored during the day can be released at night. The flow of information into storage and then out again from the atomic storage of light in the form of atoms provides context for the time reversal symmetry that occurs within biology and provides a context for radioactive decay of atoms and the timings of these. The gate keepers of time are in essence the geometry of balance and the state of zero within the atom itself. When everything is in balance the numbers all add up to zero. When out of balance then the numbers give either a negative or positive charge. More protons than neutrons then more positive only when there are more positrons than electrons. So the balance needs to be in both positrons and electron pairs within the structure of the atom to provide stability of the zero state within the atom itself. The time the atom takes to make it back to the zero state is its half life. This time is the gate keeper for time reversal symmetry.
The second coming of Christ is therefore an atomic event within this context of the flow of hydrogen from within the atom itself through the geometry of the cross and into the conscious reality of the individual who is experiencing a reality made through the decisions and choices provided in one's life. The proposed understanding of life's memories relived in subsequent generations and the time reversal nature of atomic light within the mind provides context to the circular nature of time and not linear aspect of time that most people prescribe too.

If you have ever wondered where that idea originated from, well it could have been from someone else and may not have been from something that you have read or any that you may have considered previously. Out of the blue an idea comes, the release of light from the atomic geometry of an isotope within your mind, the stored light, the released idea, the context for knowledge within the structure of atomic geometry and the information that is stored in natural elements is a puzzle that provides potential answers to deeper awareness of the atomic world of your biology. If you ponder on what I have said and consider the mechanism of the flow of hydrogen and its ability to tunnel into atoms and build them from the ground up, you can potentially start to see a link to the concept of "In Him, With Him and Through Him". Bringing atomic context to Biblical thinking is providing a bridge between the world of thoughts and ideas and the atomic world of physics within. Exploration of your inner world of light within your mind is the journey I am providing you a doorway to access. 

Light the way, the path is narrow, make straight the path for those who can see.