Time travel the ins and outs

Yin yang
My ideas are not easy for people to understand. Then again, each one of us is making our minds up as to what we understand and what we see and what we believe in. Sometimes something that you see goes beyond belief and into another area that is considered weird and wonderful. I put the experience I had down to many factors. Right place at the right time. 
Golden sphere of 1S orbital structure of hydrogen
I had the experience of seeing a golden sphere of light at church going up to receive communion and it was about 2 meters in diameter. Two smaller spheres of light were either side of the golden sun within me. So how can this be real when no one else saw that. For a start understand we have inverted retina. We are looking inward. Not outward. This is Plato's cave analogy. How is the light that we see inside of us when it looks 3D and massive. You could say like the tardis and Dr Who the inside is bigger than the outside. A lens and a pin hole camera provides context to the entire universe being able to be connected to a single point. Boson statistics of photons that can occupy the same space and the same energy state. An example is a Bose Einstein Condensate. 
When the mind can consider the physics of the singularity and that all is one and within you have to suspend belief and surrender to a theoretical framework where that makes logical sense. The smallest seed makes the largest tree. Inversion and inverse square laws. Newton and Einstein c^2 = E/M, E = mc^2 and m = E/c^2.
Einstein geometry in S orbital structures of hydrogen
The Planck scale within and the idea that all time is happening all the time. The mind therefore and its operating processes based on the physics of light provides an idea that the universe has no mass and no charge. At least the light within us that we see is in fact timeless. At the Planck scale there is no space and no time so the model of the singularity is very strange. There is not much to consider really. Just how can everything be one thing at a single point where that point is huge. The model and solution I discovered was to combine both science and religion into a single model. I took God to be a helium Bose Einstein Condensate and it had a radius of c, the distance light travels in 1 second.
He-BEC Bose Einstein condensate and 16 electrons and Boson Einstein statistics
This gives context for c^2 = E/M and the geometry of the cross within the helium Bose Einstein condensate. The 16 electrons, Boson statistics used for the condensate physics. Pairs of positrons and electrons but the initial state of alpha particle emission from He-BEC gave a 10 x c speed related to inflation from the isotropic state of the universe. 
Christ Passion lines and Paschen n=3 lines in hydrogen
When you add positrons into the standard model of physics, where one positron is added for every neutron to offset its negative 1 charge to get the overall zero charge. This model accounts for the inverted symmetry state of balance in the universe as well as the larger size of the neutron compared to the proton. Therefore the new science of SUSY inversion unified field theory has positron and electrons pairs as photons of light within atoms to create the framework in which quarks and electrons and quarks an positrons form quantum entangled groups of four from the process that forms hydrogen from light. 
I explain the model on my website in simple steps. The experience I had, required explaining as it was deemed to be mental illness and bipolar. I saw the light but what I saw was Lyman lines S1 orbitals and the nucleus as the golden sphere. To explain the physics of light within the mind and how an atomic alpha particle emission from atoms within the mind can create a vision of a golden sphere followed by images of photographic quality that provide frames of reference for future events in my life. The atomic light show on display gave visions of the future and to put this in context the formation of memory is based on the ability of hydrogen to be added into atoms from the ground up to store light in atoms. These atoms keep growing up the periodic table and when they get to an unstable state they can release their energy through various radioactive decay pathways. So the decay event that happened in my mind corresponded to the going up to receive communion and in that moment I entered into a visible chamber made solely of light. I had a pain within me that I needed to give back into the light so that it could be healed. Coming back into normal vision in the subconscious mind (Balmer lines electron transitions of hydrogen) the atomic light show within provided a time reversal symmetry to what happened previously within my life. This is the experience of time travel that revealed to me the current scientific model based on the standard model of physics is incorrect. And measurement has to be seen as a tool to understand but it is creating its own limitations due to the tools that measurement has used. To move beyond the limitations of measurement the science based on singularity physics and a unified field model based on Einstein's geometry within atomic structures based on Newtonian physics inverse square laws can be used to enable transformation through the features of atomic tunnelling and atomic entanglement that occur with photons. Only when the geometry of the cross is understood in hydrogen as the source of inverted symmetry can the positron and electron pairs in hydrogen be observed to form a cross where tunnelling can occur. Biology has figured out this trick of nature where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. No mass and no charge state of photons of light to enable tunnelling is what radioactive decay is all about. The geometry of light on the cross in the atomic state of amines in dopamine providing the flow of light into the monoatomic mineral coordinated to the pi electron aromatic ring in the neurotransmitter. The physics of light outside of the functional conscious neurons and the atomic machines responsible for production of the precursor molecules that are used to build the neurons in the mind. If you consider the flow of hydrogen from the ATPase into water and from water into amine NH3+, then you can consider how the food you eat is creating the subconscious mind through the geometry of the cross that is present within the atoms of your mind and body and Soul.

The understanding obtained from an experience that was healing for me was overwhelming for everyone around me. Too hard to explain. It has taken me years to be able to unpack the experience and create the science models to explore the aspects of human biology based on physics to uncover the functional physics happening within the subconscious human mind. As quantum physics is a statistical probability model and my science based on SUSY inversion is a non interactive approach based on logic, it does not suffer from uncertainty as the Newtonian physics of light within atoms is the template through which atoms find rest (equilibrium) and through measuring this geometry is broken to obtain a different observed outcome. This provides the underlying reason why science of the standard model of physics cannot be used to predict the identity of dark matter and dark energy. However, the SUSY inversion model provides a logical basis to see these features of the universe and understand how to access these using the logical application of inverted symmetry in the paradox of opposites. The tension of the extremes of opposites provides the basis for identifying the central point where the opposites balance to give zero. This zero field at the centre is what the nucleus is. A pinhole. 0,0,0.  The balance of opposites giving the context for matter / antimatter pairs (positrons / electrons), and inverted symmetry in physics and in this universe, this pairing is only ever broken through the act of measurement. 
Pin hole camera
So my SUSY inversion model is a singularity physics model based on Einstein's geometry and its application to the functional role of the human mind through the geometry of inverted symmetry in the hemispheres of the mind the paradox of opposites can be observed. Looking inward not outward. The physics being opposite to the biology and how it has a temporal and spatial resolution that can be understood through the logic of light within. After all, it is physics and not physical. 
As light flows into the atoms it will return and flow out of the atom in a time reversal symmetry based on the atomic half-life of the atom that holds the key to the doorway of that memory. Biology is physics dressed up in chemistry. One can only reveal the physics of life through non interaction as any interaction disturbs the quantum tunnelling processes because they rely on K+ electron capture, as well as atomic decay processes. That is the reason why we need to sleep to enable the atoms within the subconscious mind a chance to revert back into a balanced state, releasing light, the origin of dreams through beta plus and beta minus decay processes. Take a walk through the science of the subconscious mind on my website and consider the use of subconscious mind physics supplements. We are what we eat. I use topical light foods to support my wellbeing and support the physics of my subconscious mind. Free your mind and the rest will follow.