Vitality + Well-being

Restore your well-being. Enjoy the healing power of New Zealand’s Manuka honey in a safe and effective topical spray. We have unlocked the natural power of Manuka honey using gentle processing methods to retain biological complexity and bio-activity.

1200 electron volts are released in 1 nanosecond to enable your body to turn damaged cells back into CO2 and water!

The single atom of iron bound to the ring structure becomes photo-reduced by light. The Fe2+ is primed for activity and when the protein gets taken up by your inflammatory cells (macrophage) by phagocytosis an enzyme NADPH oxidase produces hydrogen peroxide which reacts with Fe2+ to generate the hydroxyl radical. This releases 1200 electron volts in 1 nanosecond. This is what biology uses to break a cell back down into CO2 and water without the need of ATP. A natural death and recycling system in biology that uses the hydroxyl radical. Death of a cell goes hand in hand with regeneration. 

The sugar-free and non-sticky topical spray is an ideal solution for those who want to harness the healing power of Manuka honey without the sugar. Natural and preservative-free. Fragrance-free and easy to use. Experience the benefits, which are truly amazing. See the science backing this discovery

The topical food for the skin concept is a concept makes sense to me, because the skin is our biggest organ, by taking advantage of its ability to recycle and regenerate itself through the hair follicle the topical product I have developed gives the body additional energy to provide the body with the power to help heal itself. By supporting the death (apoptosis) and regeneration systems within our bodies we can get rid of the damaged biological molecules and retain our youthful energy and vitality.
High energy topical foods for the body that provide well-being and vitality is a new opportunity to go beyond the limitations of oral food and understand how topical high energy food can promote well-being. By isolating the royal jelly proteins I have discovered the power of Manuka honey occurs not in MGO as previously thought but in the hydroxyl radical (OH*) and 1200 electron volts in 1 nanosecond. No wonder it has been so difficult to identify the active ingredient in Manuka honey. That is why OH BEE HAVE empowering healing performs magic, it switches off pain through macrophage inhibition (anti-inflammatory properties), and accelerates regeneration.  See what others have said about the products.