What is Oh-Bee-Have - and how does it work?


When we let go of unhelpful black and white thinking, we gain so much. Research confirms how healing and caring for our wellbeing is only possible when we embrace our holistic health. By definition, holistic health includes connectedness between mind and body, spiritual and physical humanity. That’s the magic of our product, Oh-Bee-Have: empowering healing. There are many factors of our lives which cannot be explained simply with theoretical models of science; that’s because science relates only to artefacts or ‘solid matter’. Analysis through knowledge of mathematics, using models of an external, material world that are purely physical, can offer many insights, but often this approach fails to provide us with the richness of life’s complexities. That is because arbitrary measurements are often unhelpful in everyday situations. Let us explore some examples. Consider the daylight, which is not ‘solid matter’ and has no electrical charge. According to Einstein’s theory, light is a flow of numerous photons, acting as a stream, which can act both as a wave and a particle. Now think also about the light you ‘see’ in your dreams at night… but wait a minute, your eyes are closed! Are these dream-lights measurable, in an external, physical sense? Whilst neuroscientists can confirm how alpha and theta waves of electrical signals are measurable in our brains during sleep, it is unclear how we ‘see’ lights and even more mystifying how we create stories during our daylight-dream-states. In this modern world, many factors emphasise an unhelpful divide between spiritual and biological: have we lost touch that our bodies are more than physical and external to us? This is where the power of Oh-Bee-Have comes into play. By drawing on a revolutionary model of science, one that acknowledges the crucial spiritual dimension to our well-being, we can harness the ancient power inside honey, rich in natural nutrients, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidants. Oh-Bee-Have works with our body’s natural immune systems, on a physical and spiritual level, releasing pain by changing those memories of trauma into positive energy, to initiate a healing process from within.