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  • oh bee have - allergies + nasal congestion 50ml
  • oh bee have - allergies + nasal congestion 100ml
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OH BEE HAVE - allergies + nasal congestion

Allergies, sore throat and runny nose, natural nasal congestion

HOW TO USE: Shake the bottle gently and then remove cap and spray topically on the skin or insert the nozzle up the nostril and spray. Massage in if appropriate. Let the royal jelly proteins do their magic. Use as and when needed. It gives relief for several hours at a time. Repeat when needed.

WHAT's in the bottle: Royal jelly proteins are isolated using a patent protected process to produce a natural spray containing greater than 1 billion proteins / mL. The recovered proteins are small (10 nm in size), the size of antibodies shown below. That's 10 times smaller than a virus. High purity water is the other ingredient.

The dose delivered is approximately 1 mL every 6 sprays. 50mL 1 month & 100mL 3 months supply

Independent scientific analysis with over 1 billion proteins /mL (proposed INCI name: MEL-RJPI). Proteins may occur in the nm range

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allergies + nasal congestion

A natural way to obtain reduce allergies


A naturally produced Manuka honey nasal spray. If you have issues within allergies or nasal congestion, then consider this exciting new way to empower your health and wellbeing.

Here is what customers have said when using the product.

Kia ora Keryn
I've been taking the allergy spray every day for 3+ weeks.  I had high hopes that it would help with shitty hay-fever that I get at this time of the year.  Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case.  Maybe there was a detox process going on?  I'm very allergic to grass pollen and my section has been left to go wild so there's a great deal of grass seed pollen about and I've been suffering badly.  Spraying up the nostrils seemed to aggravate so I sprayed it into my hands and rubbed it all over my face.  I've had gritty, red inflamed eyes worsened by viewing my computer screen for ridiculously long hours each day.  The spray provided some small relief to my eyes when I rubbed it into the lower inside eyeball area. I had to reapply quite frequently throughout the day for some mild temporary relief. We had overnight rain which dampened down the pollen, and I had an entire full day of relief, and now the following day symptoms are extremely minimal, practically non-existent.  I just went outside in the tall seeding grass with only ski glasses covering my eyes, and no mask to prevent breathing in pollen.  I haven't sneezed once or had any allergic response at all!!  That's incredulous.  Usually I have rotten symptoms until the very end of December, so let's see what happens now.  I did find my skin and hair has been super soft and I barely need to use any moisturizer which is not at all normal for my mature skin.

I have had a long standing itchy right nostril. I spray the allergy nasal
congestion spray up my nose and feel improvement instantly and I can
breathe freely out of both nostrils. Linda

I sprayed this product 2 or 3 inhalations through the nose for hay fever. This product alleviated my symptoms of extreme hay-fever, itchy nose, and watery eyes, immediately and made me feel good and calm as well. The effects lasted for about 3 hours.