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OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

OH BEE HAVE - D-Tox alchemical detoxification

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Created by Nature. Unlocked by Science

Putting the power of healing into your hands

A natural detoxification product made from Manuka honey. There are so many toxins that have been created by human being trying to control pests and weeds that end up in foods we eat. The toxins come in many shapes and forms and they can cause havoc to the functioning of our biochemistry. My approach to detoxification of the body is based on the principle that biology is physics at the end of the day and the physics of cell death is based on apoptosis and the generation of functionally useful hydroxyl radicals that break cells back down into CO2 and water. This physics is responsible for our cellular health. The ability to break a bond in a toxin makes it less or more toxic the answer is unknown. The ability to break the toxin down into CO2 and water means the toxin is no longer present and these benign molecules can be released through your breath. 

Toxins are often fat soluble and accumulate in the lipid membranes of your body. The apoptosis process breaks down all biological molecules back into CO2 and water. Therefore any accumulation of toxins within the lipids of your body can potentially also be removed by this process. If you consider eating food that is grown locally as well as grown by your own hands under conditions that you are aware of, then it is likely that your food will contain few toxins. The processed foods available in the supermarkets have had the life force extracted from them. The removal of water, the addition of preservatives to make bulk foods shelf stable alter the foods vitality.

D-Tox alchemical detoxification

Sometimes you need to help your body to heal using detoxification approaches. There are many including fasting to support the autophagic processes in your body. This assists in the recycling of biochemicals in cells. However, a deeper more rejuvenating cleanse can be obtained using the apoptosis machinery of the cell. Supporting the cellular death of cells assists in the regeneration of the surrounding population of cells as the biophotons released by breaking bonds are released to energise the cells that remain. A natural way to support your cellular regeneration and removal of accumulated toxins.

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Key benefits of OH BEE HAVE D-Tox natural alchemical detoxification process

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