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OH BEE HAVE trilogy
OH BEE HAVE trilogy
OH BEE HAVE trilogy

OH BEE HAVE trilogy

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This 5 mL sample size gives you a chance to try something amazing. Only available for people living in New Zealand. This is my way of saying bee well during these difficult times and be kind to yourself and others.  Enjoy you deserve it. 

I could tell you that the product allows you to connect inward to the paramagnetic species of your body but you don't understand what paramagnetic species are. Well, let's just say you are a magical being that contains electrons, which by themselves are sensitive to energy within the environment and this lets you do more magic by being able to feel a deeper connection to yourself and helps with memory.

When you spend your life trying to understand how nature works and then discover the secret behind the veil and see things that no-one else has seen. The science I knew and was taught did not prepare at all for that magical experience. I went back to my two heroes, Christ and Einstein, and combined those two philosophical positions into the geometry of a cross. I know this sounds weird but the outcome was to find peace within. Going inwards is one of life's most magical journeys and sometimes you have to go deep in order to heal from some deep trauma in one's life. In my childhood when I was 11 I experienced a traumatic event that set the course and direction of my life. Have a sense of purpose on your healing journey is important. My product has helped me in many ways including my own health and well-being. I trust that my product put into your hands will make you more aware of deeper parts of yourself and help you too on your own healing journey. For me, the spiritual aspects of the product and the philosophical position I have now taken has taken me away from the science system because I question it's very narrative and it's foundations, which I believe are incorrect. The new science model that I have created over the past year reveals a new model SUSY inversion that explains much more than we currently know. By revealing this information provides people with a deeper understanding of themselves and has profound implications for life's spiritual journey. What path you choose is your choice. I can only provide the context of the scientific evidence that I have developed to support my knowledge and understanding of the very foundations of our reality and touch on the depths of knowledge that comes from seeking the truth from the point of intuition and not from a measured paradox that science operates within. 

I have learned how to work with nature in a way walking lightly to ensure that my footprint is light so that I can leave a positive outcome from what currently looks unmistakenly like chaos. To step back and start all over again and draw on those who worked so hard to create what is observed, means I saw something that gave me an insightful opportunity to change the very foundations in order to bring order to the understanding of universal laws based on Newtonian physics into the atomic world. So my physics I apply into biology is more Newton-based of supersymmetry inversion aligning to inverse square law relationships. This approach has been very productive and resulted in fundamental shifts in the approach to doing things.

I look forward to the consequences of these actions and the ability of humanity to move forward collectively into a unity where science and spiritual practice no matter what that is on a personal level is accepted by all. Time will tell as it always does.




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Catherine S.
New Zealand
Allergies and Congestion - it works!

This worked straight away for my partner on the days when anything triggered a sneezing allergy and blocked nose. It would work for a few hours - and then he'd need to use it again. He'd been doing that for a couple of weeks, but interestingly hasn't needed it recently, but it is on standby for if and when he does again!

Sommer W.
New Zealand
Subtle and effective

I loved using this product and know that it did lift my spirits when I was feeling a bit blue and upset. Highly recommend this and use it to see for yourself! Thank you for inventing such an effective tool all made naturally :-) A++++

Alex W.
New Zealand

Thank you I have not receive it. Might have got lost in the post. My address is 7A Kahui Parade Karaka papakura 2578 Auckland New Zealand. I have check with my neighbours and they haven't received anything under my name in their mailbox