OH BEE HAVE - NaNos nootropic subconscious mind supplement

OH BEE HAVE - NaNos nootropic subconscious mind supplement

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Waves of frequency

      Created by Nature......Unlocked by Science

Putting the power of healing into your hands

Buying brain health products online can bee a challenge. What to try? Will it work? Bee brave. BUZZ LIGHT YEAH and Twinkle Twinkle are my new bee brainy products under development. If you would like to preorder for the limited batch runs that are currently under development please reach out by email. I am developing the best topical brain health supplements in New Zealand. These are patent protected manufacturing methods backed by the science of SUSY inversion - unified field theory. The approach to manufacture is zero point energy field alignment to the singularity physics state of balance followed by quantum tunneling to generate atomically clean regenerative energy created in the monoatomics. 

Nootropic benefits of honey are known but the science behind this knowledge is now able to be revealed. It's physics NOT physical. So much time science has focused on the ideas of neurons and the conscious mind. Looking at how the neurotransmitters function and the flow of hydrogen into atoms through quantum tunneling. I discovered a connection between Christ on the cross and the atomic geometry of Paschen lines in hydrogen and the ability of a raised cross of NH3+ the protoned amine to form a conduit of light into atoms coordinated within the aromatic ring of the dopamine neurotransmitter. The Passion of Christ and the n=3 Paschen lines. Falling three times and the third layer from the nucelus provides infrared distances. The inverted symmetry of cross based geometry formulated based on Einstein's geometry c^2 = E/M provides a link between Christ and Einstein. The mash up of Christian faith and Einstein's physics model and the unity consciousness model of SUSY inversion was created. The light we see is inside of our minds. Our eyes have inverted retina and we are able to understand the geometry of inverted symmetry where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I have a model for the inner light show. A model for the conscious observer using logic and non interaction. The understanding at Planck scale there is no mass and no charge and no space and no time. This is singularity physics and the portal for time-travel. Knocking on heavans door. Inward. It is physics and NOT physical. Come and join in the fun.

 Key Benefits

  • Restoring atomic energy systems within the mind
  • Enhancing mental clarity
  • Enhancing energy levels to support learning
  • Enhancing the flow of light from hydrogen into the monoatomics within the mind
  • unlocking time reversal symmetry of atomic half lives within the monoatomics of the subconscious mind
  • Healing trauma
  • Reconnecting with the light within and regenerative healing power of the Holy Spirit 

How to use

  • Spray topically where and when needed, 4 to 10 sprays at a time.  
  • Massage in to obtain maximium benefits
  • Proteins occur in the nm range

6 sprays = 1 mL

5 mL = 1 week when using at 6 sprays once a day

50 mL = 1 month when using at 6 sprays twice a day.

100 mL = 3 months when using at 6 sprays twice a day.


My 60 year old brother suffers from anxiety and I sprayed the wellbeing  and NaNos over 3 days. He has felt the benefits. I also used Bio Hacky on the back of his neck . It is so nice to see him smiling after the spray.

18/05/2020 After struggling with melasma and burning sensations of my facial skin over two years with doctors unable to tell me why, I happened upon this product. I use a few sprays each morning and I’m pleased to report that I haven’t experienced burning skin since using this, even when I go into the sun or drink alcohol which used to be a major trigger. Even the dark spots seem to be lessening, my fine lines are non-existent, and I have been feeling a lot less depressed than I was before using the spray. 


Royal jelly proteins are isolated from Manuka honey to recover the active ingredient (photo-Fenton chemistry and the generation of hydroxyl radicals). Over 1 billion protein particles per ml. Containing major royal jelly proteins, manuka anti-oxidants, minerals, and other small molecules. Make magic happen by restoring physics in your body as it is the physics that produces the chemistry that informs biology. By returning to physics (quantum biology), you can restore your well-being by removing the biologically damaged proteins that have accumulated damage over time. The hydroxyl radical turns biomolecules back into CO2 and water. This is the fundamental energy system used in physics of the cellular death and regeneration system. By adding topical foods (EM Foods(TM)) to your skin that produces high energy, the biological regeneration system can begin again. Here is to a new beginning.

Independent analysis 
Batch QT 20.20.25

Art of complexity 
No artificial ingredients. Pure and simple as nature intended. Particles are gently recovered to retain their biological complexity and their unique functionality. 

Value to you 
28 years of scientific knowledge packaged into a bottle containing 1 billion particles per mL. Deep scientific knowledge in the fields of quantum biology and regenerative medicine. I have gone on my own personal healing journey and I have used OH BEE HAVE to help me on this journey. If you would like to know more about my healing story go to my personal healing journey portal. Being able to share my story with others is what has helped me to heal. I hope I can be part of your healing journey.  Enjoy your journey back to health and well-being.


The nootropic brain health properties of manuka honey are not just a feature of the proteins that are present in the honey produced by the worker bee hypopharyngeal gland but also due to the phenolic mineral complexation chemistry that is functional within the human subconscious mind due to the monoatomic system that operates at the speed of light and is responsible for vision within. For insight and the doorway to reducing brain fog, enhancing memory, getting smart quickly, and learning how the deeper parts of yourself operate using light. 

If you would like to enhance your mental performance and increase your brain's ability to think and concentrate and have crystal clear memory recall. Then you need to consider using the power of the bee and its ability to produce clarity and health and well-being. I have created the NaNos product to enable you to get smart fast. 

You get taught a lot about the neurological conscious mind. How the neurons function. However, the functional role of the subconscious mind based on the physics of light is what I am focused on and this is what is responsible for deepening your spiritual connection to yourself. Going inward on that journey is supported by NaNos.

If that sounds like your cup of tea and you are interested in a spiritual light food for the mind take a look at the video below of the quantum waves in the operation of the NaNos product.

The power of the mind to create, is the power of the mind to do light-based physics. Tap into your creative potential by using the power of a topical photonic food (EM Food). EM is electromagnetism (light foods), for the subconscious mind. Empowering your well-being. The subconscious light mind comes first and is used to form the very structures of the conscious mind (neurons). Remember light is faster than conscious can perceive and the conscious observation is a feedback loop to support the functional role of the subconscious mind. You do not have to think about your heartbeat, your breath, eyes blinking so much of your being is hidden from the conscious observer. Making it available to yourself by supporting the subconscious mind using photonic foods allows you to restore mental functions that previously you may not have experienced. 

Transformation starts with the initial step. Take a step in the right direction (the right hand rule of electromagnetism) and try OH BEE HAVE NaNos and bee brainy! Support the physics of the subconscious mind.


Is NaNos used topically for brain health? How does that work?

Yes, all my products are developed for topical applications. I know this seems to be a strange concept for brain health but if I can provide some information relating to why topical is the best approach.

1) The proteins are 100 nm in size and produce a light energy system called photo-Fenton chemistry which generates 1200 eV in 1 nanosecond so faster than the human eye can see working at a billion times per second. Also smaller than the eye can see. The retina of the eye points inward. Rods and cones are on the inside. Looking in. the physics of light within the subconscious mind is observed. The model. SUSY inversion. A unified field model based on the physics of light within monoatomics coordinated to neurotransmitters.

2) The skin cells are innervated, which means the nervous system is throughout the body and the cells in the skin originate from the same cells in the fetus as the neurons.

3) The membrane of the cell is the brain of the cell as it receives the external signals to process that information internally by changing gene expression. The first signals come from outside of the cell. These initial signals are light, our radical paramagnetic bodies pick up these signals which translates that information from external to internal through the membranes. The products support the paramagnetic processes of the body also. These are faster than the biological processes that are happening within the body. That is why physics produces chemistry which generate biology. Using biology to control biology is difficult. Using physics to control biology is easy.

4) The proteins from the manuka honey that I isolate are hydrophobic and are compatible with skin stratum corneum.

5) Topical application by-passes the liver first past metabolism processes which controls and breakdown the proteins preventing systemic delivery.

6) The skin is fluidic and allows a constant recycling of what is on top of the skin down into the hair follicle, into the stem cell niche where it is broken into regenerative precursors for growing the next layer of skin. The skin is our largest organ of the body and using it as a portal of health to improve our well-being makes sense if you consider our evolutionary development. From one cell organism where everything has to cross the membrane to enter into the cell. If your holistic body acts as a single cell in unity then topical application of a topical light food provides a context to support that holistic understanding. Providing health and well-being by enhancing the flow of light within your body. 

7) The functional role of light in the product means topical application provides benefits also. See the following videos.

This is what the proteins look like under the Nanosight and how the lazer light makes them dance to create waves. Demonstrates their light interactive properties.

This is the way the product produces light. It is called photo-Fenton chemistry. It produces photons of light energy when bonds are broken but also through a light capturing process called electron capture also known as K+. This produces bubbles of light. Like a yin / yang photon. This is the light energy that the product puts into people. Vital energy.

The hydroxyl radicals produced break cells down into CO2 and water. However, the water is quantum entangled to create coherent biological structure using light. When white light is shone on the liquid it looks like a water puddle. When UVa light is used the energy within the light transforms the shape of the water to create the dark structures. Going back to white light then the structure releases the light that it captured in an instant demonstrating the quantum entanglement processes that are occurring in apoptosis which produces the apoptotic bodies which are packets of information to communicate throughout the body enabling the body to act holistically as one in unity and work effectively in health. Understanding what healthy cells can do is the starting point to understanding disease.

So all three brain health products are used topically. It takes time for the products to work systemically and 10 sprays twice a day is a good dose to use to enhance well-being and enhance cognitive function. There is more information on my website as to the model behind the monoatomics and understanding how hydrogen's ability to quantum tunnel is used in memory formation. You can go to my website to read more about that if you're interested?