OH BEE HAVE - R&R Rest & Regeneration

OH BEE HAVE - R&R Rest & Regeneration

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Rest and Relax

      Created by Nature......Unlocked by Science

Putting the power of healing into your hands

A natural stress relief product made in new zealand.  A natural complementary medicine produced from Manuka honey. Regeneration happens at night. Healing happens at night when you are sleeping. Have you ever wondered how this healing takes place and why we actually sleep away so much of our lives? The conscious observer is busy putting hydrogen into monoatomic atoms coordinated with the neurotransmitters within your mind.  The stored light creates isotopes and these unstable atoms need to revert back to an inverted symmetry in order to function properly the next day. Sleep and the quark properties without the conscious observer is to revert back to the geometry of balance where protons and neutrons are equal as well as the number of positrons are equal to the number of electrons. Atomic balance provides stability within the atoms of the mind. Half lives of isotopes provide the key to stored memories. Those memories that come out of the blue. Rest and sleep and the origin of light in dreams has been discovered using the SUSY inversion model, singularity physics and a unified field model whereby the atoms within the mind provide the codes to memory. Physics NOT physical. Enjoy, you deserve it!


Key Benefits

  • Restoring the function of sleep in your biochemistry
  • Enhancing mental clarity and function
  • Enhancing energy levels to support learning and memory formation
  • Enhancing the flow of light from hydrogen into the monoatomics within the mind
  • Supporting your regneration and health and wellbeing

How to use

  • Spray topically where and when needed, 4 to 10 sprays at a time.  
  • Massage in to obtain maximium benefits
  • Proteins occur in the nm range

6 sprays = 1 mL

5 mL = 1 week when using at 6 sprays once a day

50 mL = 1 month when using at 6 sprays twice a day.

100 mL = 3 months when using at 6 sprays twice a day.


My name is Janine McKenzie-Minifie, I have a background in pharmacy and I work in the bodywork field. I have been using oh bee have spray topically for almost two years. I began when I was recovering from a major illness. I found oh bee have helped maintain my energy levels through my long days being a working mother with a social life. Over the time I have been using oh bee have I have trended in a healthy direction and I feel my emotional and physical resilience has been enhanced.  I am grateful to Dr Johnson for using his position at the cutting edge of quantum science to create and distribute products to improve our wellbeing. His approach targets all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional. I have gifted oh bee have  to friends and family and I have seen results. His products work gently and with the body, which is a welcome change. It does mean though that you just feel better, without accompanying side effects of a lot of herbal and pharmaceutical preparations. I have found only upsides to taking these quantum biology products. 20.04.2021


Royal jelly proteins are isolated from Manuka honey to recover the active ingredient (photo-Fenton chemistry and the generation of hydroxyl radicals). Over 1 billion protein particles per ml. Containing major royal jelly proteins, manuka anti-oxidants, minerals, and other small molecules. Make magic happen in your body by restoring the physics of monoatomics within your body, as it is the physics that produces the chemistry that informs biology. By returning to physics (quantum biology), you can restore your well-being by removing the biologically damaged proteins, lipids and DNA and RNA and carbohydrates that have accumulated damage in your cells over time. The hydroxyl radical turns biomolecules inside of cells back into CO2 and water. This is the fundamental energy system used in physics of cell death and regeneration because ATP is not needed in apoptosis as the mitochondria are no longer functioning to generate ATP. By adding topical foods (EM Foods (Tm)) to your skin that produces high energy electrons, the biological regeneration system can begin again. Here is to a new beginning. Enjoy, you deserve it!

Independent analysis 
Batch QT 20.20.25

Art of complexity 
No artificial ingredients. Pure and simple as nature intended. Particles are gently recovered to retain their biological complexity and their unique functionality. 

Value to you 
28 years of scientific knowledge packaged into a bottle containing 1 billion particles per mL. Deep scientific knowledge in the fields of quantum biology and regenerative medicine. I have gone on my own personal healing journey and I have used OH BEE HAVE to help me on this journey. If you would like to know more about my healing story go to my personal healing journey portal. Being able to share my story with others is what has helped me to heal. I hope I can be part of your healing journey.  Enjoy your journey back to health and well-being.


R&R - Rest & Regeneration

Good for Stress Relief. Now more than ever we need to take time to relax and find that place of peace within ourselves. It is that place that does not change. Quiet and still. In the hustle and bustle world that is operating 24/7/365 we need to learn how to switch off. Turn off our devices and become still. The mindful approach to relax and regenerate can now be supported using OH BEE HAVE R&R. Imagine those places in New Zealand where you can be completely alone. Places where Manuka grows. The light energy from those places is collected by the bees and incorporated into the Manuka honey produced in those locations. I recover that energy in the monoatomics present in the phenolics bound in the proteins present in the Manuka honey. Now you can find peace within yourself using OH BEE HAVE R&R and feel the peaceful energy of those remote locations in New Zealand. Peace bee with you.

Sleep is regenerative. Why? No conscious observer so the biochemistry that puts light into monoatomic atoms during the day to create unstable isotopes is no longer functional. This allows the atoms, monoatomic coodination system to revert back to inverted symmetry in the atom and it releases light in this atomic process. This light is what we see in our dreams. You need stable atomic systems to maintain good mental health and the energy released at night from the monoatomics is used for repair and regeneration. To give yourself the time to relax and to enable and allow the monoatomics coordinated to the neurotransmitters time to revert to geometries that are stable the next days challenges can be faced with a crystal clear mind. OH BEE HAVE R&R provides additional energy to enable regeneration.

My greatest moment of healing occurred when I saw the image above within me, during a moment of spiritual clarity and experienced the center point of my life and the reflection back into the past and forward into the future. Opening the doorway inward and to receive a healing that was totally transformational. Somehow, I had managed to unlock the secrets of the universe within me using the 28 years of scientific studies and following my intuition, I was able to navigate the complexities to unveil the inner world of light within the subconscious mind. Having developed the new science model to account for the experience I had witnessed back in 2013 and having built a scientific rationale for the inner vision, I can now share the absolute joy that was experienced at that moment with others using the magical powers of OH BEE HAVE empowering healing the ability to heal from trauma of the past can be unlocked using the tools developed from Manuka honey.

The physics of night time biochemistry (quantum biology) provides the healing of any damaged cells. The low oxygen tension in the body at night during sleep triggers stem cell release and as stem cells do not require oxygen for metabolic processes because they do not have functioning mitochondria, the biochemistry at night is supported by OH BEE HAVE R&R.