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OH BEE HAVE - vitality + well-being

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Created by Nature. Unlocked by Science 

Putting the power of healing into your hands

You know the light you see has no mass and no charge and at the Planck scale there is no time and no space. The physics of the singularity has been discovered. The science of regenerative medicine has changed the beliefs of reality of an external physical world taught in science at university. This misconception provides an illusion to human observation that is occurring with the mind and due to the anatomy of our inverted retina. Biology is based on physics. The quantum biology of life and the principles of energy at an atomic level and how balance is Qi to restoring healing and regeneration within your body. 

Vitality + Well-being

Do you think after 13.8 billion years (the age of the universe) that biology has not worked out how to obtain energy from physics within your body? Something for you to ponder. Radicals provide chemical energy to perform reactions without the need for ATP energy, without the need for enzymes. As a trained enzymologist it was interesting to discover the world devoid of enzyme responsible for cellular death and regeneration. The tools your biology has at its disposal is nothing short of a miracle. The way the universe finds balance in inverted symmetry (SUSY inversion) to find stability in the zero state. Zero is not nothing it is having everything in balance and harmony. You could say radicals are part biology, part chemistry, and part physics. They feed into our fight, flight and freeze response as their reactivity is paramagnetic in nature. The speed by which they react is faster than cognitive responses that require time to reason.

They are also a source of energy that biology uses to recycle energy. We have evolved in conjunction with radicals as you explore the functional roles of radicals in biochemical pathways you can see artefacts of physics hidden beneath the biology and how biology has evolved and adapted to use radical chemistry for a wide range of biological functions.

I will share the functional roles radicals play and how they are important in maintaining biological health and well-being in our body on my website. This benefit is what I have exploited in OH BEE HAVE empowering healing in order to give you additional energy to increase your vitality.

The radicals within your body are paramagnetic, that means they are sensitive to the energy fields of light around you. They are part of your sixth sense, your intuition, that enables you to connect with the subtle energy flow within your body and sense if you are well or unwell. If you are not in tune with this part of yourself it is because the food we eat generated through mass production does not support the paramagnetic part of your body. Food that is processed has lost its vitality. It's para-magnetics are lifeless. It has no energy within it because the water has been removed in order to stabilize the product. The food we consume on a global scale generated through mass production is devoid of life and vitality.  OH BEE HAVE Empowering healing supports your paramagnetic body as well as the generation of life force within. By taking OH BEE HAVE vitality + wellbeing you will feel uplifted, energized and feel the joy develop within.  Strengthen your health and inner perception.

The increased energy released within your body from using OH BEE HAVE vitality + wellbeing comes from the generation of short-lived high-energy electrons and breaking bonds that releases biophotons (light within). The bio-photons released in your body are shown in this video. This is part of the body's natural regeneration system that converts a cell back into CO2 and water. Biological recycling of old damaged cells, the recovery of energy, and production of regenerative precursors to grow new cells. Light years ahead of the competition. The patent protected manufacturing process means this is a world first. Get in quick before the batch is sold out.

Leaflet for vitality and wellbeing

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