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PledgeMe donation $1000 quantum biology course

PledgeMe donation $1000 quantum biology course

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On the payment page make a custom donation of $1000.00 and I will send you the links for my online quantum biology course.

The current scientific model and the mistakes in the current model are outlined in a simple to understand plain English description to allow you to understand the historical perspective of science and its role in our society. A new model is developed and the steps that I used to do this in order to understand the geometry of Einstein and develop an understanding of a singularity event and the unified field theory based on supersymmetry inversion.

When you buy the course you will be sent a link to download a file containing the course which will be in video format and available monthly over a 6 month period. The course will cover the process to discover the completion of the scientific model allowing the understanding of the origin and identity of dark matter and dark energy. The origin of the speed of light and the right-hand rule of electromagnetism will also be revealed.

The maths around supersymmetry and the implications will be highlighted. These discoveries were based on the experience I had working as a research scientist at Callaghan Innovation and the integration of a spiritual experience I had at church back in 2013 that changed my life forever. A spiritual healing event that cured my iritis and gave me back my memory. Complete clarity.

If you are seeking knowledge of your physics in your body and want to understand how your subconscious minds works then this course will provide you access to the knowledge needed to see within. The light revealed inside of you provides a new perspective of the subconscious mind's ability to create the universe that you see, as the human retina are pointed inwards. That is why you can see your dreams at night with your eyes closed. The subconscious mind's ability to create an image for the human retina to observe will be discussed as the physics of biology is now understood.

Take a leap into the unknown and learn how to incorporate physics into biology. 

I am looking forward to discussing with you the new field of quantum biology and share with you an amazing series of events that occurred during the discovery of this new model that places human consciousness at the center of the human experience.

Take care

Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc (The quantum biologist)