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PledgeMe donation $20 5mL sample OH BEE HAVE - allergies + nasal congestion

PledgeMe donation $20 5mL sample OH BEE HAVE - allergies + nasal congestion

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On the payment page make a custom tip of $20 to support my campaign to test OH BEE HAVE empowering healing for the ability to inhibit MPro and help stop COVID transmission.

How to use Spray on your face or nasally as and when needed, 4 sprays at a time.  

Ingredients Isolated Manuka honey active ingredient. Over 1 billion protein particles per ml. Containing major royal jelly proteins, manuka anti-oxidants, minerals, and other small molecules. Make magic happen by restoring physics in your body as it is the physics that produces the chemistry that informs biology. By returning to physics you can restore your well-being by removing the biologically damaged proteins that have accumulated damage over time. By adding topical food to your skin that produces high energy the biological regeneration system can begin again. Here is to a new beginning.

Independent analysis Batch QT 20.20.25

Art of complexity No artificial ingredients. Pure and simple as nature intended. Particles are gently recovered to retain their biological complexity and their unique functionality. 

Value to you 28 years of scientific knowledge packaged into a bottle containing 1 billion particles per mL. Deep scientific knowledge in the fields of quantum biology and regenerative medicine. I have gone on my own personal healing journey and I have used OH BEE HAVE to help me on this journey. If you would like to know more about my healing story go to my personal healing journey portal. Being able to share my story with others is what has helped me to heal. I hope I can be part of your healing journey.  Enjoy your journey back to health and well-being.