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quantum biology online course

HOW TO USE: Shake the bottle gently and then remove cap and spray topically on the skin or insert the nozzle up the nostril and spray. Massage in if appropriate. Let the royal jelly proteins do their magic. Use as and when needed. It gives relief for several hours at a time. Repeat when needed.

WHAT's in the bottle: Royal jelly proteins are isolated using a patent protected process to produce a natural spray containing greater than 1 billion proteins / mL. The recovered proteins are small (10 nm in size), the size of antibodies shown below. That's 10 times smaller than a virus. High purity water is the other ingredient.

The dose delivered is approximately 1 mL every 6 sprays. 50mL 1 month & 100mL 3 months supply

Independent scientific analysis with over 1 billion proteins /mL (proposed INCI name: MEL-RJPI). Proteins may occur in the nm range

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The current scientific model and the mistakes in the current model are outlined in a simple to understand plain English description to allow you to understand the historical perspective of science and its role in our society. A new model is developed and the steps that I used to do this in order to understand the geometry of Einstein and develop an understanding of a singularity event and the unified field theory based on supersymmetry inversion.

When you buy the course you will be sent a links to the course. I am developing this at present on the LearnDesk application, which will include videos and course work and other information so you can learn singularity physics and its application to human biology. The course will cover the process to discover the completion of the scientific model allowing the understanding of the origin and identity of dark matter and dark energy. The origin of the speed of light and the right-hand rule of electromagnetism will also be revealed. This goes beyond the standard model of physics and quantum mechanics and integrates Einstein geometry with Newtonian physics with quantum mechanics in a new model that provides context for the identified singularity. A science of non interaction. A science of electromagnetism within atomic structure and the way to look through the lens of quantum tunnelling and quantum entanglement in biology. 

The physics of life

The physics of mind and memory

This is an empirical course that build from the beginning and involves integration into the biological models the physics of life and the relationship between spiritual understanding and science finding the bridge to cross from measurement performed in science to logic and the ability to see beyond the limitations science has created through measurement.  

The course will also cover:

The maths around supersymmetry and the implications will be highlighted. These discoveries were based on the experience I had working as a research scientist at Callaghan Innovation and the integration of a spiritual experience I had at church back in 2013 that changed my life forever. A spiritual healing event that cured my iritis and gave me back my memory. Complete clarity. The science of the mind and memory associated with a personal journey that revealed the physics of time itself within memory. Breaking the idea of time is somewhat weird. However, with the discovery of time reversal symmetry and negative time dilation the ability to see into the future is now possible and how this happens will be shared in the models outlined in the course.

If you are seeking knowledge of your physics in your body based on quantum biology, and you want to understand how your subconscious minds works using light and how it produces this light, then this course is for you. provide you access to the knowledge needed to see within. The light revealed inside of you provides a new perspective of the subconscious mind's ability to create the universe that you see, as the human retina are pointed inwards. That is why you can see your dreams at night with your eyes closed. The subconscious mind's ability to create an image for the human retina to observe will be discussed as the physics of biology is now understood.

Take a leap into the unknown and learn how to incorporate physics into your biology understanding by developing the new understanding of the physics in biology in the SUSY inversion model and unified field theory and singularity physics. 

I am looking forward to discussing with you the new field of quantum biology and share with you an amazing series of events that occurred during the discovery of this new model that places in human consciousness at the centre of the human experience.

Take a sneaky look into the information being shared using logic rather than measurement and the science that supports this new singularity physics model.

Lesson 1.

Dr Keryn Johnson PhD MSc BSc (The quantum biologist)