OH BEE HAVE empowering healing

Is an apitherapy light healing technology made from Manuka honey

The incredible discovery that photo-Fenton chemistry in Manuka honey plays an important role in the generation of hydroxyl radicals that support regeneration unlocks one of nature's deepest secrets. Experience the health benefits of this revolutionary technology for yourself.

Start on your healing journey today

Photo Fenton chemistry and hydroxyl radical generation

The most potent and powerful oxidant known, the hydroxyl radical, is what your biology uses to remove old cells from your body in a natural process called apoptosis. Imagine finding a molecule that animates life itself. A force that can destroy the old and restore health. It is the dawn of a new age in health, where science and spiritual understanding are reunited. The release of light from within atoms (the electromagnetic force through quantum tunnelling processes) provides more energy to support healing. The natural processes of spiritual energy (isotope physics) have been unlocked with this truly remarkable discovery of the role of hydrogen in memory formation and recall. Hydrogen is the only quantum element in the periodic table and the key to life itself.

Rapid pain relief

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the scientific insight

The single atom system housed in the ring structure performs the magic. It works at nanosecond speeds (1 billion times a second). It is amazing how biology has harnessed the power of physics to support cell death and regeneration. Support your wellbeing using the magic of Manuka honey spray OH BEE HAVE empowering healing.

Enhance your vitality and well-being

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antibacterial & antiviral properties

The ability to break down bacteria and viruses into CO2 and water.

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Subconscious mind physics

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A holistic approach to wellness. It is a topical spray having over 1 billion proteins per mL. The science backing this product is complicated but the product is easy to use.

Bees are magical creatures. Share in their wisdom.