level 7 science

The protein particles have been isolated from Manuka honey using gentle methods that have allowed the removal of the sugar from the Manuka honey which can be returned to the bees as a winter feed for greater sustainability of the apiary industry. The particles in the above video are analysed using a nanosight instrument using a laser light down a microscope. The size and number of particles per mL are determined in each batch of product to ensure the quality is maintained for the consumer. 

Our analysis using Izon's qNano provides independent testing to ensure you get the healing benefits of Manuka honey.

Izon testing

Izon analysis product release criteria and star rating system where each star represents 1 billion particles per mL. The absorbance of the original Manuka honey is also determined and the batch certification is tracked through our regulatory processes.

The photo-fenton chemistry that is performed in Manuka honey is triggered by light of various frequencies. You can see from the video below that the photons of light that are emitted from the artificial photo-fenton chemical system setup under the microscope.  

When MGO, iron and hydrogen peroxide were placed under the microscope we were also able to induce this photo-Fenton reaction without the phenolic see below video, which shows that the polymeric form of DHA, MGO and glyoxal are able to coordinate with iron and allow its photo-reduction to generate Fe2+ from Fe3+ which is necessary for hydroxyl radical production.

The outcome from this reaction generated a fluid that was able to respond to light in ways that I have never seen before. Just like sand on a tonal plate generator to form structures the fluid was forming shapes based on blue light see below video.

These observations suggest that the chemistry that was performed (photo-fenton chemistry) was responsible for this behaviour of the fluid. As light has quantum properties is appears that the fluid is a quantum fluid and behaves in this strange way. The responsiveness in a sense appears to be a form of quantum communication and therefore could play an important role in coordinating biological systems to retain their connectivity over distances as quantum entanglement provides spooky action at a distance. This property of radical chemistry directly linking to quantum entanglement provides a quantum physics reason for apoptosis using photo-fenton chemistry in the generation of apoptotic bodies as a quantum communication system in our body.

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole and into the theory behind quantum biology and be at the leading edge of this emerging field then proceed to level 8