quantum biology level 1

Quantum Technologies Ltd - Lesson one: Quantum biology online course


If you have no science background then the easiest way I can explain quantum biology to you is the ability to use your creative imagination and produce something new that you have never done before and your ability to grow are both based on the ideas and concepts of biology, chemistry and physics working together to make you who you are and allow you to experience the full range of human emotions. Each one of your senses has to use all of the natural laws of physics which are involved in chemistry and that are used to create biology.

If your understand the historical timeline of scientific discovery a greater awareness can be obtained. Science has been broken down into many disciplines which have long been separated from each other making it difficult to join the dots and make a picture that is consistent and makes sense at all levels.

Quantum biology can provide a guiding framework to be used to all connections to be made between quantum physics and biology.

The understanding that science is based on rationale discovery through measurement, whereas, measurement is at the heart of the problem in quantum physics as you cannot make a measurement without disturbing the system that is being studied.

My approach is to take advantage of this paradox and not measure. Then try to understand what the system will look-like without being measured. The reason for doing this is because of the observer effect which is obtained through human perception, which comes from my senses to provide me with information that I can use to determine what is there is both slow and limited in a number of ways. So learning about your biology in essence is learning about both chemistry and physics. When you are well there are no problems, however, sometimes things can go wrong and disease can form in your body, which is when interventions can be performed to restore health.

If is want to know more about your quantum senses then go to quantum biology level 2.

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