quantum biology level 2

By not looking the system could be many different things and this is where your imagination must be used. You can think of many different solutions but when the measurement is finally made all of those potential possibilities become the one solution. So real world Newtonian physics is based on large objects that follow simple laws known as an inverse square law. These laws have not been applied to the quantum atomic and subatomic world. The mathematics of quantum physics is based on uncertainty  and probability. However, as the conscious observer, by removing myself from the observation the system can only be in one state and not in all states because it is in perfect equilibrium as an isolated whole quantum state. By understanding how this state is then one can then use that state to produce desired outcomes. In essence the wave function and complexity has been removed from the statistics and only one thing can remain.

Einstein got to this position and it was his only assumption in his field equation and that is symmetry. From the point of understanding opposites we can understand how that is a natural law at play in physics where every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

The duality of opposites provides the mirror image of matter and antimatter. The false assumption was to think that matter and antimatter destroy each other as what they do is generate high energy photons as conservation of energy occurs, where energy cannot be destroyed nor created. From this perspective all must have been present prior to the big bang but this duality of opposites must not have been present.

We can only see contrast and without contrast we have nothing to compare with to be able to see difference. Bringing these concepts together of energy cannot be destroyed or created but only transformed and we cannot see without contrast points to one potential outcomes and that one thing was present prior to the big bang concept and that it had no contrast and therefore it was uniform in its nature. Homo-genius or homogeneous, without contrast. This is the state of perfection of symmetry.

How does this concept play role in your life, the so what? When you get to observe yourself and your mental wellbeing and you are in a difficult situation you can see the opposite view point and understand how that contrasting position is required to balance your perspective allowing you to reflect and consider both points of view increases awareness and understanding and empathy. We all hold different narratives and unpacking that awareness is important in your own understanding of self identity but also allowing and considering others perspectives also.

If you would like to see beyond your current perspective and move into a different reality of your own creation by aligning to a new science based understanding then proceed to quantum biology level 3.