quantum biology level 3

Our eyes are lying to us. It is hard to comprehend the biology of lies we have taught ourselves through measurement and how convincing those lies have been for so long I personally think we have actually forgotten how to be truthful to ourselves. You may have heard fake it till you make it. I would like to extend that by saying you are constantly lying to yourself because you are living in the past. What do I mean by that. Science has shown that the subconscious mind provides the control over motion, heart rate, breath, blinking. The conscious thinking mind takes time to rationalize what is observed and then act accordingly. Remove the conscious mind and you remove the ego sense of self.

There are a few ways our biology provides access to the subconscious, 1) in fight or flight or freeze where the perception of time changes and your conscious mind does not have time to react but the subconscious mind takes over and 2) in your dreams and creativity. We currently do not have a model for the subconscious mind in neurology. We also do not have a good understanding of 95% of what the universe is made up of so I would like to propose that from our current limited knowledge of 5% of the universe we are in a position of ignorance and therefore our current predicaments we are facing as humanity are due to a lack of understanding.

So how to shift from this point of view into a new perspective where everything is known. The first thing that you must understand is what you do not know and find answers for those questions. Then you have to know what questions to ask and who you should find to help you answer them.

By unlearning what you know you create room for new information to be understood. By integrating many perspectives and making them all correct you can shift between the frameworks that have been created to observe many paradoxes.

So sight is limited with respect to temporal, spatial and frequencies of electromagnetism by which it operates. This is the accepted wisdom of our conscious reality however the quantum vision is based on the photo-electric effect. If you look at the electron transitions that occur in the photo-electric effect then the ones that correspond to the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum are the balmer lines. This is a possible physics based reality that our subconscious mind sees without the need for cognition or awareness and it has the resolution at the atomic scale as well as being able to respond at the speed of light.

If this is the case, then understanding the quantum nature of hydrogen is important for many biological processes. To understand what other physics processes are occurring in human biology then go to quantum biology level 4.