quantum biology level 7

Restoring well-being in ones life is not easy but it can be done if you chose to. Quantum biology knowledge or understanding the physics in your body provides many answers to sciences biggest challenges. As I have shown you a new model for physics I will now attempt to show you how I developed this on the basis of lived experience and my own healing journey and the biological tools for well-being that I used along this journey.

Everyone has lived a different life and yet we are all fundamentally living the same life. This collective shared experience provides a unique way of understanding ourselves through the interaction with others who we consider separate from ourselves. The make this even more confusing human biology has orientated our retina in our eyes to point inwards, so we are truly looking within and therefore at one with our self at all times.

The subconscious mind is generating our reality using the inverse square law and the features light uses  to create geometric shapes. Things get pretty strange when you consider the inverse is 1/x = x/1 when x =1 and when x = n if 1/x times x/1 = 1 at all numbers. 

These discoveries where made when I had what some would call a moment of inspiration a eureka moment when my model came together but it took a lot of unlearning to allow these discoveries to be made. I had help obviously which was to look at what others had done but look at it in a different way.

By choosing to look at things different I discovered something new a way of providing a frame work for quantum biology. Using Einstein's equation was critical as it can be rearranged into three different forms and each form tells a different story. 


M = E/c^2

c^2 = E/M

Understanding that light is electromagnetism in my model M is magnetism and not mass. The geometry of light provides an understanding of Einstein's equation based on the formula of a straight line y = mx + c where x and y axis are put on the graph x and y and in the case of Einstein geometry E and M are the Y and X axis. The Z axis is c^2. Once this is applied then the x,y,z geometry of electromagnetism can be understood within the structure of an atom and inverse square laws can be applied leading to a new structure of an atom in relation to identifying the cosmological constants for an electron in this new model.

The Plank length is 1.6 x 10^-35 meters and 1/1.6 x 10^-35 = 6.25 x 10^34 meters which is the distance light has traveled at the speed of light for 13.8 billion light years. So the inverse or 1/ law is seen in the smallest and largest things in our universe. Therefore the smallest part of ourselves corresponds to the largest dimension of our universe.

I have also calculated the cosmological background radiation using this approach to identify the background energy level corresponding to our physics theory.

The electron in this SUSY inversion model has a diameter of 2 plank lengths that corresponds to 4 x 10^-18 meters which is obtained by the sqrt of the plank length.

The presence of energy within the human body is obtained from food and the generation of ATP. However this requires mitochondria to be functional and this requires oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor. Stem cells reside in environments with low oxygen tension and therefore do not have functional mitochondria. They are the source of cellular renewal which is vital for regeneration. 

There is another energy system that cells can use based on the energy system I discovered in Manuka honey and that is based on photo-fenton chemistry, which provides 100 times the amount of biological energy from one molecule of glucose compared to normal oxidative phosphorylation. I propose this is a regenerative energy system that is involved in biology that facilitates healing. The use of this system in human biology has been shown to rapidly heal which is quite extraordinary. See the Manuka honey story to know more.

I personally have used this product to help me discover the remarkable healing properties of the product as well as providing me with the energy to develop this new model of quantum biology. Continue your journey go to quantum biology level 8