quantum biology level 8

Our current model suggests that our biology needs to be maintained in a state of health by preventing radical damage within our body but this new quantum biology model indicates that our adaption to the constant changes going on around us depends on our ability to appropriately respond in a timely manner and physics tells us that all times are happening all the time. If this is the case then understanding the relationship between space and time is critical to understanding how we can experience alternative realities based on our own perception and hence the reason for misunderstanding that results in conflict.

When the observance of sunlight which is 8 minutes old reaches us it was released as photons from the sun as 8 minutes ago. When the light from the moon is 1 second old by the time it reaches your eye. So light takes time to travel any distance and therefore it has stamped into its speed a universal code and therefore space / time geometry has a curvature of based on photon symmetry and inverse square law relationships. 

If our eyes are seeing balmer lines and our retina are pointing inward then a shift away from Balmer line transitions into Layman or Paschen line transitions can provide quite different range of frequencies that we can experience internally and therefore you can be standing in front of someone and not see them if your inner light experience shifts from Balmer into Layman. The hearing of voices or seeing things that others cannot see is known as a break from reality, however, my own personal experience was therapeutic and healing as I was bathed in a golden central light with four other golden sources of light that were on either side of the central figure. What was even more remarkable about this experience was that it resulted in a series of discrete images flashing one after another like the frames on a still motion camera that revealed future events to me in my life as if I had just gone forward in time and then come back and saw that whole journey.

This made me in a sense completely irrational by all accounts as what I experienced was not possible based on my knowledge at the time. I essence I experience a radioactive decay process in my body that produced the release of light like a dream packed into an inner vision that left me totally overwhelmed but from that insightful experience I have gain a greater understanding how my subconscious mind works and how it interacts with light to form structures.

If you would like to know about the inner workings of the subconscious mind then proceed to quantum biology level 9.